Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogaroni Award Nominations Announced

The local #SGF blogging community, loosely assembled under the banner of The Springfield Blogger's Association, has announced the 2010 Blogaroni Award nominiations, which are listed here.

A few infrequent bus riders were shocked and stunned (well, at least one was), others were dang near turned upside down when they learned that the Bus did not receive a single nominination the previous year, and this after being a co-winner of the "Most Improved Blog" the year previous to the previous year.
Riding the waves of the huge ground swell of emotion, Frequent Bus riders will recall the "Golden Plunger Awards" of years gone by. While the awards were scheduled to be awarded in 2008, circumstances and general feeling of malaise led to their indefinite suspension, ditto for 2009 and 2010/

The "Yellow and Black Plunger" award, as it was known then, were only awarded in 2007 and that makes them a collectible.

Before you ride the Bus over there to look at the winners from back then*, remember that this blog post is about the nominations for the Blogaronis. There are no winners or losers in this competition--just being nominated means that someone, somewhere (within a reasonable driving distance of #SGF) thinks a blog is worth reading.

Congratulations to everyone who takes part in the SGF blogger's association awards.

Accustomed as I am to driving the Bus, oftentimes it does require a cool head and a keen eye coupled with the learned ability to perform basic arithmatic functions.

*You can find the results of the 2007 awards here as this slide depicts two jeep riders as they scan the horizon looking for something that came up missing.

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Uli said...

Hey, thanks for your willingness to give the new guy some advice and provide answers for the ignorant among us! Best of luck, my friend!