Sunday, March 14, 2010

But Wait, There's More! Representative Tim Jones, (89-R), Has Been Busy Too!

I previously shared with frequent bus riders the unedited transcripts of the emails exchanged between Len Eagleburger, Representative Tim Jones, R-89 and myself.

While I redacted Eagleburger's personal email address and the email address of the individual who chronicled Jones' involvement in the "birthers lawsuit", I did not redact Representative Jones' email address because he was using his government email address and that is subject to the sunshine law.

Now, based on emails Representative Jones sent to Eagleburger this afternoon, he is trying to play his vindictive 12:16 AM Sunday email rant as just trying to "provide you some weekend entertainment" and that he was only giving Eagleburger, whom he has started calling "Lenny", some conservative talking points.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening hours, Len Eagleburger has been subjected to a barrage of unwanted emails originating from I haven't posted all of them because some of them were hard to read, with run on sentences, lack of proper paragraphing, almost as if he was just cutting and pasting other's work into the body of his emails.

The emails that Representative Jones wrote himself are posted below. If you wish a link to his rambling discourses not printed here, leave me a comment and I will see that you have access to them.

Continuing where we left off:

From: len eagleburger
Sent: Sun 3/14/2010 12:40 AM
To: Tim Jones
Subject: RE: Re: Fw: Re: Political Science 101

Democratic Socialism Forever! Try to stop it

From: Tim Jones
Subject: Nice!
To: "len eagleburger"
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 8:44 AM
Had no idea there was such a den of leftist socialist progressives down there in Southwest MO!


Hey...I'd be happy to swing by your Annual Comrade Convention next time my Dad and I are heading down to our family farm where he grew up without indoor plumbing and worked his way through college and veterinarian school (yes, I am a farmer, an attorney and a Statesman and I come from very humble roots...a true Rennaissance Man!) and give you all a good does of Conservative Common Sense!

Or, like I said...shoot me another email after the first week of November and we can figure how who should eat how much crow!
From: Tim Jones
Subject: RE: ride the bus
To: "len eagleburger"
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 2:59 PM

I am so very glad I could provide you some weekend entertainment.

Oh well...perhaps that kept you occupied from verbally assaulting someone with less thick skin.

Have fun with all your little "blog buddies".
From: len eagleburger
Subject: RE: ride the bus
To: Tim Jones
Cc: Jim Lee
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 5:13 PM
My blog buddies are the Greene County Democratic Central Committee.....Chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party has all of this also.....

Yes, have had fun passing this all on to those you might regret having read this in the future....

Nothing like a rabid conservative when they don't agree with you!

Len Eagleburger
From: Tim Jones
Subject: Love them Dems!
To: "len eagleburger"
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 5:51 PM
You are toooo funny!

All I gave you were what you would say are "typical conservative talking points" (known by normal people as THE TRUTH) so anything you say will only elevate me with my conservative base so please do your best!

I am however very impressed with the amount of time you have spent on me, I really appreciate all the attention!

PS...I'm serious about getting back in touch with you after the November elections...want to put a friendly wager on which party does better this fall? We can go State and Federal. We have excellent Super Smokers BBQ up here in Eureka...what's the delicacy in Greene County?

From: Tim Jones
Subject: Love them Dems!
To: "len eagleburger"
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 5:58 PM
Also...while we are at it, would you like me to send you my weekly Capitol Report every week?

That way, you can keep up with all the great work I am doing and frequently cite me on all your cute little blogs...I would appreciate all the free media!

Just let me know, happy to add you...I already have subscribers all over the State, several nationwide and even a few internationally...SCARY...huh?

From: Tim Jones
Subject: What about them Anti-Obama Dems?
To: "len eagleburger"
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 6:59 PM
Hey Lenny...I keep waiting for you to address one of the biggest problems you have (on your end) with my Health Care Freedom Act (the proverbial "elephant in the room" so to speak...ha ha!)


In fact Lenny...not sure you realize this but nearly THIRTY (30) Missouri House Dems voted for my Health Care Freedom Act the week before Break. Did you notice that? That's nearly HALF of the Democrats in the House Lenny...oh my goodness!

So what's the deal Lenny? Do you have THIRTY...30 DINO's (Democrat In Name Only?) in the MO House? Why have nearly 30 Democrats run off the Obama left wing reservation?

Sounds like you fellows down in there in Greene County better take care of your own leaks and broken windows in your own house before you start going after anyone in the GOP. Apparently you have nearly 30 Democrats in the MO House who have woken up and realized what a disaster we have in DC...what are you going to do with them Dems? Have you gone after them? Have you gotten primary candidates for them?

Or do you have some other brilliant explanation for it Lenny?

And this is true not only in MO but across the country...LOTS of Dems are now voting against Obamacare and for their own State's version of the Health Care Freedom Act.

What say you O Great Blogger?
But Wait, There's MORE!


Anonymous said...

I see the G.O.P. has finally found an adequately empty suit to replace John Loudon.

Anonymous said...

He's drunk.

Having lived with alcoholics all my life I can tell you he's on a drunk rant.

Sky Girl said...

I bet someone in his circle chews his butt out over this one. And this is a guy who is supposed to be a professional representative of some constituency?

Horse-farmer said...

I tend to agree with Anon....

this guy appears to have had a few too many toasts...
check his BAC some evening

Anonymous said...

Wow...I've stumbled across the Den of Viperous Socialists...Jones is simply echoing about 70% of the country...wake up!

Busplunge said...

Anon 6:24 PM

Tim, is that you?

Anonymous said...

So....why DID nearly half the Dems in the House vote AGAINST ObamaCare and WITH Jones? Riddle me that??!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like I found the 4 Democrats in Greene County...I've been wondering where you guys hide out!

Birther Boy said...

how many times do we have to tell you, don't get in fights with bloggers.

You get all dirty and they enjoy it a little too much.

Busplunge said...

This comment was posted on the SN-L under Jones' original story that started all this discussion.

The commentator's screen name is "retired65", and he wrote:

"I don't know when Mr Jones wrote this column but I was informed it has passed the house with a 113-40 vote. The great majority. It now awaits the Senate where it is expected to pass also.
I support this bill 100% and will vote for it when it hits the ballot. I stated all of this earlier on a different forum. It doesn't stop people from getting their gov health care, it stops me from having to. I don't like the idea of being forced in to anything."

I wonder if "Retired65" will be giving back his Social Security and Medicare benefits anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking bipolar when I first started reading Tim Jonesing's blibber blabber, but drunk seems to nail it.

Can't remember if he denied the birther suit to Len? If he did, here's an interesting post on his involvement:


Anonymous said...

Typical snotty nosed brat. Congrats to his Dad for working hard and building a career from humble beginnings. I'm guessing if he is a vet in MO, he went Mizzou - a taxpayer funded institution, and I'll bet because of his hard work probably earned some taxpayer funded scholarship to help fund that education. Timmay's dad probably put in some long hours to pay tuition for SLUH, college and law school.

Leave it to some twit like this mess to try to boot strap his father's hard work in claiming he is some sort of self made man.

What Timmay is is minor league political hack. Born on third and thought he hit a triple.

And he's damn luck Jeff Roorda didn't break his 5-7, buck thirty carcass in half.