Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rejected Mancrunch Super Bowl Ad

A Daily Dish reader nails it:

Call me cynical, and I can't imagine I'm the first to point this out, but haven't the folks at ManCrunch done a wonderful job at advertising their site without having to, you know, pay to advertise their site?

They created an ad that was almost certainly going to be rejected by the CBS brass. Think of the firestorm after Janet Jackson's tit popped out for a millisecond at the Super Bowl half time show in 2004. Now imagine how those same people - and more - would react two gay men making out in front of their children. It's not hard. You can practically hear Bill O'Reilly's "Memo" on it already - secular progressives, overriding the values of millions of Americans, blah, blah. In fact, I'm almost glad CBS has saved us from the inevitable Fox News/Drudge backlash, however hypocritical Drudge's protestations might be.

As for ManCrunch, they're getting the type of publicity you get from a Super Bowl without having to fork over the $2.6 million they'd need to run that ad during the Super Bowl.

So is this a victory for common sense or equal treatment? No. Does ManCrunch win anyway? Yes. And are we all spared the usual rants from the usual ranters?

God, let's hope so.

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