Sunday, January 03, 2010

Leaves From An Ozarks Journal

Isabelle, Nancy and John

Jan.1. Nora sick. I prepared breakfast. Mrs. Jarvis funeral service at 1 P.M. at her home. Another service 2:30 P.M. at Macedonia Church. Large audiences. Back home worn out.

Good crowds at Summersville Jan. 3. Called on paralyzed Mr. Richards, a former banker. I read to him from "Unfinished Business," the chapter on Insects. He enjoyed it immensely. He thought I was going to read the Bible.

Enjoyable hour and supper in Bas Gates home, Billy a captain. Bas told me of his liquor experiences--paid $40 for a gallon of whiskey after the War, and sold one quart to Prohibition Officer for $15.

He doesn't send Billy after whiskey since Billy became a Christian. Told me to come back any time without an invitation. Told how angry he and Pap got when Billy made the confession but he decided to let the eleven-year-old boy go ahead. Told how the Baptismal Serve touched him.

Offering of $4.00 for N.B.A., first one in the history of this church. Business meeting. Pastor recalled, if budget can be raised.

Trouble brewing in community because H.S. Bus was used to take pupils to Road Houses after Basket Ball games.

James Holt asked me about considering Houston Church. I preferred they call someone else. Leadership class in Dr. Tilley home. Letter from Elkland asking about pastorate there. Card from Hartville calling for a meeting.

From the Preface, "Leaves From an Ozark Journal, 1937 - 1946"
E.T. Sechler, from whose journal these pages have been condensed, is a retired Christian Church minister. He began his ministry in 1915 and retired in 1957. He is a graduate of Drury College and S.M.S. College in Springfield, MO., University of Chicago and Union Theological Semininary in New York.

He was married to Nora Watson of Rantoul, Ill. in 1923. They have a family of four children and six grandchildren.

Since his retirement they have lived at the family home, 2612 W. Mt. Vernon Street in Springfield, Mo. where he is an active member of Walnut Street Christian Church, Springfield Ministerial Alliance, Ozark Writers Guild, Dallas County Historical Society at Buffalo and takes an active part in Bennett Spring Christian Church Camp. He finds time to visit the sick and inactive members of his church.

These Leaves are a continuation of the book "Leaves From an Ozark Journal, Vol. I, 1927-1936." This book includes the years 1937 to 1946 and are taken from the journal kept by Earl T. Sechler, of his life and works.

The first book could really be called the depression years and this book the war years, but both volumes show the ups and downs of a young minister's life.

Sarah F. Greer

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