Sunday, January 03, 2010


Zach, Chris, Trey, Karen, Austin, Callie, Blake, Mattie and Skyler in front, Brooke, Peggy, Sharon and the Bus Driver. Scott wasn't in this picture, he took it.

Zach, Chris, Trey, Karen, Austin, Scott, Callie, Blake, Brooke, Skyler, Mattie, Peggy, Sharon after the fireworks at Jordan Valley Park.

Mattie, Skyler, Sharon, Peggy, Brooke, Peggy's friend from South Dakota's Little Boy (That's her partially obscured behind Brooke), Trey, Austin, Blake, counting down the seconds to 2010!

Jim and Trey, same smile, same face,

Scott, Peggy, Karen, Trey entering the bus at Jordan Valley after the fireworks.

Brooke, Peggy, Karen, Skyler, Sharon, Trey, Blake, and Callie

Trey and Austin waiting for the heaters to kick in.

The Bus Driver.


longrooffan said...

That looks like fun. Cold, but Fun. Happy New Year to All.

Horse-farmer said...

Hey who's that fat Bus driver?????

Why stay awake until midnite when you can be sleeping.... yes....
good pics of the group
glad you had fun

Sara said...

Looks fun! Sorry me and Dan missed it!