Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dixon Accepts $500.00 Contribution From PayDay Loan Operative--So Much For Cracking Down On The Payday Loan Industry.

Cash America, 1600 West 7th Street, Fort Worth TX 76102, gave a $500.00 cash contribution to the Bob Dixon for Senate Committee. The contribution, made on November 9, 2009, was reflected on Dixon's January Quarterly Report filed with the Ethics Commission.

Now, granted, this was before Governor Nixon mentioned how he was going to crack down on the payday loan industry. And before the Republican Dixon stood to signify his solidarity with the governor....I guess Cash America is one of the GOOD payday loan people.

651% Interest, at that rate, they can afford to give Bob a heck of a lot more money. And I'll betcha Bob will take it.


Anonymous said...

Send it back Bob, with this note attached:

"You miserable, thieving, low-down, low-rent creeps. How dare you come into Missouri and screw our people in this troubled economy." -Bob Dixon

Anonymous said...

You're a good watchdog for us. Let's tuck that one away...


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and he's supposed to be the 7th District congressman.

He or The Gambler.

Go figure.

Vanessa said...

No, no, you've got it wrong!

Billy Long is gambling that he will be the 7th district congressman, why else would he be frequenting the Casino at Exit 1, you know, Islands in the Stream or A River Runs Through It.

Bob Dixon is as pure as driven snow-- just goes where the wind blows him.