Sunday, September 20, 2009

You Lie, Great Scott, YOU LIE!

Bus riders are talking about Joe Wilson, Roy Blunt's friend and protege, and his plans to visit Springfield October 3, 2009 to speak at a state meeting of the Missouri Republican Assembly.

Roy Blunt of monkey joke fame will introduce Wilson to the group which brands itself as the "Republican Wing of the Republican Party".

The Missouri Republican Assembly calls itself "The Republican Wing of the Republican Party." So does everyother state RA thus MRA loses originality points but scores well in the "Look who's coming to dinner."

William Scott Magill, an OB-GYN DO who is the Missouri president of the MRA says the group has about 500 members statewide with half of them living in the Springfield area.


Jeremy D. Young said...

So, in what way has Roy Blunt mentored Joe Wilson? Or is that just a rhetorical jab at the two?

I'm genuinely interested in whether there are ties here other than both are members of Congress elected under the Republican party label.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy D. Young: Try reading the Saturday News Leader article linked to the post. If that's not enough then Google "Roy Blunt Joe Wilson".
If Doc Magill sported an Uncle Sam top hat and a goofy grin he would be a dead ringer for Leslie Nielsen.


Anonymous said...

Just tuned in to Blunt's monkey joke.

I'm genuinely interested if he is goading us to call him a racist.

Or as Goat Daddy posted: Blunt married a lobbyist. Does that make him a monkey by marriage?

Wish that would be the topic of the next News Leader poll.


Jeremy D. Young said...

Sorry, I was being lazy I suppose.