Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bribes? Blackmail? Is This Our Roy? What Strange Company He Keeps?

From the transcript of Edmonds deposition:

Q: Why is Roy Blunt in your gallery?

A: One of the individuals who was the recipient of both legally and illegally raised donations, campaign donations from foreign entities.

Q: And what foreign entities?

A: The ones that I'm aware of, Turkish entities. It's just like a network because those people, they worked together, and I don't have expertise in PAC, but a lot of --- there are so many ways that these PAC things can be not very legally distributed from one person's, let's say, Mr. Hastert's campaign to that individual or let's say it's a foreign registered lobbyist, like Livingston can get foreign money, but then clean it and then give it to him. It's just so many ways. it's a very complicated maze-like network on how they get this money cleared and into people, into people's pocket and also their campaigns.

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