Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And A Bargain At $800,000.00

My daughter, in her blog 5 acre dream, will occasionally post a link to a horse that she would like to buy if she had the money. Part of her 5 acre dream.

Not everyone in this part of the country has to dream.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Low could not pay his feed bill at the Urbana Mill & Feed Store. He went from that 'low' to 'Prime High' by not giving up; using access to capital wisely; and, becoming successful in the tough, tough, freight business. He employess a lot of people in our area. Some folks may be critical of his investment in throughbreds but it too is a part of our economy. And, one that I really enjoy. Go baby Go, Low!

Sara said...

Lovely how a horse that sells for $800,000 as a yearling will probably be available at the track in 2-3 years (or less) for $500-$1000 bucks. The TB racing industry uses and abuses horses then throws them away when they breakdown. I wonder how many of his prior racehorses Low has on retirement out at Primatara? Or did his trainer 'find them all good homes'?