Monday, September 07, 2009

Arthur? Is That You, Arthur? Oh, Arthur, What Strange Company You Are Keeping

And now you are marching in the Labor Day Parade with the manchild who wants to be our next state senator, the one who has never voted labor's way on a labor issue.

Those riders who have been around long enough to remember "The Normal Heart" will remember the manchild's mother, former state representative Jean Dixon, who was against the play it turns out, (to coin a phrase) because she saw how her oldest son struggled with his own homosexuality.

Back in 1992, Robert Edwards, now the voice of MoDOT, was a reporter for the Springfield News Leader and he wrote in the SN-L, Sunday edition, March 8, 1992:

Although she didn't say so at the time, Jean Dixon says now her vehement opposition to "The Normal Heart" was motivated in large part because she saw how her older son struggled with his own homosexuality.

Her son, Bob Dixon, says he lived as a homosexual for about five years until a religious experience caused him to change in late October, 1988. He told his parents shortly after Jean Dixon, a Republican, was elected to the Missouri House in November 1988.

Bob Dixon, 22, now planning to marry a Springfield woman, talked publicly about his former life as a homosexual in a Springfield City Council Meeting in May 1991 when he spoke on a bias-crimes ordinance.

Jean Dixon says her son's guilt almost caused him to commit suicide. Her son says one night in early October 1988 he considered crashing his car off a road.

She says she fought "The Normal Heart," a play about AIDS and homosexuality produced at Southwest Missouri State University in 1989, because she saw it as affirming the homosexual way of life, which she says is harmful to those who live it.

"I wasn't just some hard-nosed so-called Christian out here ranting and raving," says the former lawmaker who was outspoken about her strong Christian beliefes during her two years in office. "It had been a heartache I had to deal with, and it was a tough one."

Asked is she would oppose the play again, she says, "You bet. I believe it was the right thing to do."
An unlimited bus pass to those riders who are able to identify the object in the photo above and relate how it relates to this post.


Jeremy D. Young said...

Could you please enlighten us about the identity of the man you call Arthur?

Oh, and Desdinova is a cowardly anonymous blogger. Extremely unpleasant as well. Can't stand reading anything he writes.

Why are you name calling? Are you not above the fray?

Oh, and you did link to the answer to your felt heart. I don't think I need to see it, feel it, or touch it, much less have it. Hmm... I don't think I qualify as a bus rider either.

One of those said...

But it's still ok to be gay, right?

Jackie Melton said...

Not sure I understand the point of this post....

Anonymous said...

Bob Dixon can be a gay man in a heterosexual marriage-he certainly has plenty of company around here.

Given that we know this about Dixon, I take great exception to his history of political opposition to gay rights in Missouri. This issue could rear it's head during the fair haired boy's campaign, and well it should.


Anonymous said...

Is Jeremy D. Young really Life of Jason coming back as Jeremy D. Young. Dude, you are funny.

Anonymous said...

Arthur might be former Democrat, Arthur Hodge, Sr. But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Not much, how about you.

Michael Feldman said...

How did you find that particular edition of SN-L? I can't seem to find it anywhere online.

Anonymous said...

The bus driver suggests you go to the Greene County Library and look there.