Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sadie Beth ---Kristin and Jim Got A New Baby Girl!

Monday, 7:30? am, 7 pounds, 5? ounces?, head of dark hair. Baby and Mother are doing fine! I forgot the camera so no pictures of Sadie Beth.

But, I did find the following picture on Sara's blog, 5 Acre Dream. It's a picture of a newborn. It's a picture of a newborn girl. It is a picture of a newborn girl without very much hair. Obviously it is NOT a picture of Sadie Beth and I posted the picture here just because I needed a photo of newborn baby girl.

This picture raises more questions than it answers, mainly Why did this kid have a kid?a) The Skatepark was closed.

b) The cable was out.

c) He discovered it was good for more than micturating.

d) He was channeling Levi.


d5thouta5 said...

Congradulations to The James S Lee Family. Both Jr. and Sr.

It is a wonderful day that we celebrate the beginning of a new life on this earth. Nuture and cherise it for all the days you have together.

CELEBRATE LIFE...!!!!!!!!...Again

Horse-farmer said...

Bravo on Sadie Beth

Jim this is the 3rd time without a camera!

Where is your mind?? Do we have to bring LongRoof up here for a couple weeks to tail you??

Jim and Kritin, glad you got two girls to go with those two guys.