Thursday, March 26, 2009


From Mediacom:

For Your Information: Due to advances in technology & changes in consumer viewing habits, Mediacom will no longer carry the TV Guide Network effective on or about 4.16.

TV listings are available using the digital interactive guide, at, and in local newspapers.

Save time, paper and postage by paying your Mediacom bill online directly from your checking account and by signing up for an electronic statement. Please visit for additional details. A copy of this bill is needed to register.

My cable tv bill this month was $61.16. That is $25.95 for Broadcast Basic, $32.00 for Expanded Basic and $3.21 for the Franchise Fee. That's right, almost $730 a year for television.

Re-reading the above paragraph, I wonder how many suscribers are in the Springfield area? $730 is a lot of money. I am going to start leaving the tv on 24/7 to get the hourly cost down to something affordable. I am also going to start having my pizza cut in 6 pieces instead of 8 because there's no way I can eat 8 slices of pizza.

So due "changes in consumer viewing habits" (our household used the TV guide channel to get up to the date information on tv listings and find out what channel the race is on) you will now have to log on to your computer to find out the tv listings or suscribe to the SN-L.

Does the SN-L even have complete listings?

What about those who don't have internet access or suscribe to the newspaper?

Dang, less service and more money.

When I was a kid my only experience with pay tv was the quarter operated machines in the railroad and bus station. For 25 cents you could watch 30 minutes of television.

When I heard grown-ups talk about 'pay tv', my thought was who was going to come into your house and empty all the quarters out of the tv.


Horse-farmer said...

Priceless -- 6 vs 8 slices.

I found the antenna and the remote as the cheapest way for me to watch television.

But I only watch
1. this old house
2. yankee workshop
3. news sometimes.

what is this cable thing anyway?

WV toxyc

does that apply to TV?

Lil Jim said...

Tell Uncle Tom he better get a converter box and I heard they have pay tv booths at Paradise...

d5thouta5 said...

Ium atinkin iz a comperice...dem gomerent folks dun thuht of a waynisn of sweenlin us outa mo mony...i aint figured it out yet but iz atinkern dat theys got sumtin funny gonin on in de capetol
aint no reson for themuns to hve all dat muny and stil be lookin for ways of makin more. gota be dem blue states causin a rukus agin...whyin is de verifikaton word drowsy????

d5thouta5 said...

Ok, and here is one for you ....the next verification word that popped up is pugnant....
What are they telling us...?? Do we know...or even care....???

Anonymous said...

WV: ouricatr


rob rob the party slob said...

Mediacom is allowed to do this because they have no real competition.... I have the broadcast basic cable most of the year, then I switch to the expanded during baseball season so I can watch the cards on FSN... although it's hard living without espn the rest of the time