Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blunt Gears Up For The Fight....

some highlights of the Roy Blunt interview (thanks to David Catanese for the link.

Blunt tells why the Republicans lost control of the Congress:

Well the biggest reason that we took the beating in the last couple of cycles was that the Republican President of the United States had his approval numbers within 3 points of 30 for three years. And the raw politics of it are that that's the biggest reason that we took the beating that we took.
Actually in 2008 you could make the case that all historical things considered, we should have lost about 40 seats instead of 20. And so I think Republicans were beginning to get back on track in 2007, 2008. We stopped Democrats from passing almost any piece of legislation during that period of time.
Blunt's thoughts on Obama:
Well I would give him a really low grade and you know as a former classroom teacher, I'd also write a note to somebody that says "surprisingly underperforming."
Barack Obama, a young President who's never run anything -- he's never been an administrator of anything bigger than a community service organization and I don't imagine that organization was very big --
And then there is this statement:
on the fundamental issues that impact the country, whether those issues are tax policy -- where in the time when Republicans controlled the Congress the Republican House of Representatives passed a family friendly tax cut every single year we were in the majority. Now they didn't all get signed into law but we passed one every time.
And finally:
So whether it was taxes, whether it was immigration, energy policy, healthcare policy, property rights policy, and certainly the issues of life where I have 100% record there -- or you know on my 100% voting record with the NRA.
Blunt doesn't want a primary, the last statewide primary he was in was a mean spirited one between Blunt, William Webster and Wendall Bailey.
In terms of the primary, I just don't believe Missouri Republicans are going to go down that path again. We saw the dangers in 2008 of having a destructive primary in a state where we have a very late primary.


Lil Jim said...

I sometimes wonder if the republicans put up a weak fight in 2008 so they'd could blame the democrats for slow/no improvement in economic and international matters...but then I just might be paranoid

Lil Jim said...

I mean come on, Sarah Palin?

Jason said...

Well, if you know you're going to get hammered why not put up token resistance so you can pin troubles on your opposition?

You're not really that paranoid...that's just the way politics are going.