Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cox Comes Through!

My younger brother Tom, who blogs here when he's not discing fields, selling miniature horses, taking care of Mom's property, working on Ford Broncos, and working at the Veteran's hospital in Mount Vernon, spent most of yesterday, last night at Cox Medical Center.

Dang those pesky chest pains! Here's an account another younger brother, John, who blogs from here:

9:50 EDT, Tuesday, March 24 2009
This afternoon, Tom was at work and experienced pain in his upper chest and arms. He went to the VA hospital and they transported him via ambulance to the heart ward at Cox South.
He was administered some drugs, I am sorry I missed the names, which were not that effective but the morphine they injected allows him to be in good shape this evening. He is scheduled to undergo more tests on Wednesday morning.
Take a moment when you read this to think a positive thought and/or say a prayer for thehorsefarmer.

Love to all,

Me, I don't worry about Tom, for he's as stout as his horse: Speaking of the horse, Tom wrote this in his blog on March 16, 2009: One other item of note, we had to put one of our real Broncos up in a seperate field on Saturday afternoon, because he was chasing the cows. A naughty naughty thing to do on this farm. So Haven Lee's Ice Storm got put up by himself until he meets the nice Vet with the knife, and our Bronco Storm becomes a Neutral Storm.


Anonymous said...

Wishing your brother a speedy recovery.

Jason said...

I'll keep your brother in prayer.

Horse-farmer said...

somehow I survived the 24 hours at Cox South including the radiation injections and danged near running on a treadmill for 6 or so minutes.
Am back on the farm, resting, doing better and yes, getting back to this media to catch up on the local gossip.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Busplunge said...

Tom went home to the farm this afternoon.

He looked so peaceful and rested as his family brought him home, passing through the gates of "Haven Lee Farm" for not the last time.

longrooffan said...

Glad thehorsefarmer made it home okay. But, bus, next time you post something I wrote, would you please edit for correction, ie affective vs. effective? For posterity's sake, I would appreciate it. John

Anonymous said...


your use of "effective" is correct.

your pal,

the grammar King!