Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sara Has Updated Her Blog....

Daughter Sara has updated her blog. Frequent Bus Riders will recall that Sara has been a horse person since early childhood.
I must confess, I fostered that attention to horses for it kept Sara out of the malls and away from the hairy legged boys.
But dang, the cheapest part of a horse is buying the horse. Hay, shoes, boarding, lessons, more hay, more shoes, vet bills, more lessons, trailers, trucks to pull the trailer, gas to put in the truck to pull the trailer, more hay, and now, saddles.
Read it about it here.

The photo used to illustrate this post is a shot taken on the barnyard of the family farm in Halltown, MO. Those are the horses I grew up with. John has written about these horses on his blog in a post called another day on the farm.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the discussion going on here?

Anonymous said...

yeah, where's the "discussion"?