Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back Yard Trains and Roller Coasters

When our son and his cousins were little and our parents lived in a house and two acres on South Jefferson, my Dad and I bought a train for the backyard. We bought it from a man in Rockford, Illinois. It was a lot of fun but if the track was not adjusted correctly, you would derail.

These are pictures of son Jim riding the rails in the back yard of the South Jefferson house! (This house was really neat, it had hidden rooms, hidden stairways, hidden doors in paneled walls- Jeep Junkie and Longrooffan tell a lot of stories about this house. I never lived there, I was grown and gone when the folks moved there)

This train, a G-12, was made by the Minature Railroad Company of Rennselaer, Indiana is another one of those vehicles of which we ask ourselves, "Why did we ever sell this?"

More photos of the train are here.


admin said...

That train looks like so much fun. And how cool would it be to live in a house with hidden rooms and stairs and such.

Anonymous said...

Great Train! Love the rollercoaster, too! Do they even make trains like that anymore? I can only find, but they look pretty snazzy!

Busplunge said...

Click on "G-12" in the last paragraph before the pictures and it will bring you to a website that speaks of these trains.

d5thouta5 said...

as I remember the train it was a work in progress..every time we set it up, we had a day's worth of work ahead of was a blast when it worked, but man it was work.. trailering it was a totally different adventure...

Anonymous said...

I've been searching ebay and craigs list for one.
If you find it, I may take some of Barngoddess1's money and get it.
It would be great to move hay bales and kids and little horses and little cows from pasture to pasture.
Did see track on ebay.
Friend of mine, second Dad from Shell Knob, retired from Railroad, he would flip over this.


Jason said...

That's awesome.

Unknown said...

Oh lordy, I grew up in Rockford and I believe I used to ride on that same train. It was in a little amusement park in Loves Park, Illinois.