Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Was Involved In An Automobile Accident This Evening.

I am sitting in my S-10, heading west on Battlefield at Campbell around 4:30 this afternoon.

I am in the left turn lane,a bout where the curbing starts, waiting to turn south on Campbell.

Suddenly, a dark colored sedan slams into the back of my truck.

My neck jerks forward and slams back into the headreast. My upper torso slams forward, held in place by the shoulder belt.

I am dazed and confused.

I call 911 and tell the operator I have been rear ended.

He asks me where I am located.

I tell him Campbell and Sunshine. He asks if I am on Campbell or Sunshine. I tell him I am by Webster University and Burger King, Walgreens. He says where am I at. I realize I am on Battlefield.

He asks what lane I am in, I am trying to tell him when I see the driver of the car that hit me get out and look at the front of his car and the back of my truck.

I am still sitting in my truck. I see the driver get back in his car and back up.
Oh no, he's going to run into me again I think.

I was wrong. The driver makes a U-turn and peels away.

The light changes and cars and trucks are driving all around me. A police car pulls up in the next lane.

I tell the officer I was rear ended and the car that hit me took off east down Battlefield.

She asks if I am ok. Upon my affirmative reply she tells me to park in Webster's parking lot until I return.

About 10 minutes later, another police shows up and takes my report.

Maybe 10 minutes later the first officer shows up and says she thinks she found the car.

I wonder if those cameras on the intersection were focused on the west bound left turn lane on Battlefield around 4:30 - 4:34 this afternoon.

To be continued.....


Jackie Melton said...

I was rear ended once on Chestnut Expwy. It does mess with you and you don't think clearly. I can't imagine how I'd have felt if the driver who rear ended me had just taken off. She lied to the officer and said my break lights didn't work. He checked them and saw that they did work.

The lady had a little dog in her lap when the accident happened. Traffic had begun to move and everyone was accelerating when all of a sudden, in the middle of accelerating everyone came to a dead stop, everyone except the woman behind me that is. It's a shock to get hit, isn't it?

Jason said...

Glad you weren't hurt.

Sandy said...

Glad you are ok, Jim.

I was the victim of a hit and run rear-ender back when there was a light at Kings and Sunshine Streets. I was in a little sub-compact car and the driver was driving an older Ford full-size. No screeching of brakes or anything. Threw me clear to the other side of the intersection. Nearly ran right over the top of my car. He managed to back up and go around me and was gone. I was unhurt but in such shock by the whole thing that I thought the people that came to try to help me out of the car was the guy trying to kill me and I locked everyone out of the car for a good 10 minutes until a police officer arrived. Scared the beejeesus out of me. I felt so violated knowing the guy got away.

I hope they catch your guy.

admin said...

What a jerk. Sounds like someone didn't have insurance, was under the influence, or had outstanding warrants.

Keep a watch out. Sometimes neck injuries don't show up for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing is you weren't hurt.

I'll send bad vibes into the universe for the jerk who hit you.

The CDM said...

I got some left over pain meds in case you need them.

Anonymous said...

Better have the nurse pick up one of those big white neck collars.

longrooffan said...

Glad to hear you are okay. I'll bet a little sore this morning. Sorry to hear little blue got busted up though, that is a cute little truck.

Józef Jan Hughes said...

That really sucks, Jim. Hope you're okay! I sure didn't enjoy my accident this April but at least the guy who T-boned me didn't try to run away from the scene.

Anonymous said...

totally depressin' low-down, mind messin', workin' at the car wash blues dude......not a good day. a bad day indeed.