Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sophie Likes Pony Pete And Sara's New Horse

Sara's New Horse:Sara traded and traded again and ended up with a pretty decent horse. It took almost a year and several discussions (the main difference between a horse and a truck or jeep is a truck or jeep doesn't eat $40 worth of hay a month or need $65 shoes every other month either). Anyhow, Sara's got a nice horse to ride. She and her friend have already been out riding at Wilson's Creek.

See the blue pickup? A nice 1985 Chevrolet 3/4 with 59.000 miles that doesn't run worth a dang on ehtanol. Took Regina's Honda to the paint shop for a new paint job, the clear coat is coming off. Next will be a new bathroom remodel.

Sara has a pony whose name is "Pony Pete". Pony Pete is a companion to the big horse. I don't know why, but big horses like companion animals. Kristin was feeding Pony Pete carrots and Sophie thought that was just about the funniest thing she ever saw. It may have been, Sophie's only 10 months old and her experiences are limited. For Soph, every experience is a new experience.

Today, I finished putting gravel around the house. My new motto is to finish a job before I start a new one. Will post photos later but Regina and I like that concrete yard art.


Jason said...

That smile is so precious.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking horse. Those 4 women in the family are good lookin' too. Especially that little one. Can't wait to see her.