Tuesday, May 27, 2008

By The Numbers

John David Lee, photo taken Summer, 1970
John David and daugher Jessica
John David grilling in the rain, however, unlike Lil Jim in the previous post, John is wearing a rain coat instead of a plastic table cloth of over his head. Note John's cap, ala "Alphonse".
My younger brother, John David, has entered the blogosphere! You may recall his occasional forays into commentataries on the bus. At one time, when I was putting in too many hours driving the bus, I thought about asking him to second-seat.

Now he has entered the blog world with his own blog: By The Numbers. I'll let him explain:

I have an existing blog, although in its very infant stages, and as such, I have chosen not to share it previously. I am still learning the ins and outs of administrating a blog. I also am, kind of, awaiting my move to the Birthplace of Speed to move forward as there seems to be a more intelligent blogging environment there, although with the WWW, maybe it is my reluctance to look unintelligent.

My blog is http://oleragtop.blogspot.com/ The URL refers to my old convertible, although I am sure you knew that, but the blog name, bythenumbers, refers to the fact that every vehicle I currently own has no model name, only numbers....BMW 325, Volvo 850, Ford (F)150.

I must brag, I thought that was pretty clever.

The problem I have is that there are no longroofs in my budget that have only numbers. Can't afford a Chevy II, Chevy Handyman 150 or 210--plus it is a Handyman--, Volkswagon 411 or Type III--nah...been there, done that, Corvair Lakewood 700, still a Lakewood, AH, the quest continues...

Anyway, I have been researching blogs and blogging and aspire to be as competent as you, relatively and hopefully, soon.

As an aside, I spent a wonderful several hours with Ed, just he and I, working on his old Jeep today, which looks great by the way. James was deep sea fishing with a pal and his dad and a friend, and Cheryl was shopping with Taylor. We both had a blast as we both talked about on my way home and, then, emailed about. I look forward to being closer to him and enjoy his company as you enjoy Tom's.

I'll put up a picture of John when I find one. He currently lives in Ocala, FL and is preparing a move to the Daytona Beach, hence the reference to the birthplace of speed.

John has a sharp wit and has always been able to make me laugh. I am certain you bus riders will enjoy his blog. That is why I am linking to it on my side bar, well, plus the fact that he still looks up to his older brother

Like me, John has owned a lot of automobiles. This is a posting I wrote about his BMW 325 last Fall: Dead Beemer.

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john jon was a funny lokkin kid lol