Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photo Id

You gonna tell these nuns they can't vote because they don't have a state issued photo id card?
Oh, only if they're democrats.

Read this.
Then read this.
Then read this

Next, read this.

Finally, read this.

Money quotes:

No one besides Republican lawmakers spoke in favor of the photo ID measure. By contrast, a long line of people were still standing to oppose it when the Senate panel cut off testimony after less than an hour and voted. The committee had to quit, because the Senate was going into session.

Republican Sen. John Loudon ridiculed concerns that the photo ID requirement amounted to a tax on voters.

"The only thing taxing is you have to get off your duff and get an ID that's given away for free," Loudon said.


Jason said...
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Busplunge said...

Jason, when you voted, what form of identification did you use to verify that you were who you said you were?

Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

Just another viewpoint, here in the State of Florida, yeah I am aware of our reputation, we need to show some sort of picture id when we vote. While for me it has always been a FL DL, I have noticed others at the Precinct with a Bank Card but they always had to have a Voter Registration Card in addition.

Good Luck to the ShowMe state and I sincerely hope you are not the Florida of 2000.

Anonymous said...

Jason, it is central to the point. You have the means and the funds to get a MO DL, what about someone who doesn't own a car.

I am old enough to remember poll taxes and voter tests in the south. It was less than 50 years ago that some black voters in GA and AL had to pass literacy tests and citizenship tests before they were allowed to vote.

I know because I was there registering them. A voter photo id law is no better than a poll tax or a citizenship test and will be used as those were in a pathetic attempt to stop people from exercising their lawful rights. And anyone who says otherwise is not a very good student of history.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act prohibited the states from using literacy tests, interpreting the Constitution, and other methods of excluding people from voting.

The Photo ID law is a pathetic attempt by the republican majority to disenfranchise poor and minority group voters.

Surely Jason, you are not as bigoted as your comments make you appear.

Bus, sorry for hijacking the thread, but this is an important issue with me.

Busplunge said...

I don't monitor comments on the Bus, riders can say what they want and as long as no hardcore profanity or patently offensive comments are made, anything goes.

I agree with Silphia Horton's statements. I too was actively involved in registering voters in the south in the 1960s. But something about the name Silphia Horton rang a bell with me.

Silphia Horton was one of the authors of the 60s civil rights anthem, "We Shall Overcome". Obviously, she didn't leave the comment on my blog but someone who shared her sentiments did and for whatever reason, maybe poignant symbolism signed under the name of Silphia Horton.

The comment shall stay. My blog, my rules.

Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

children behave, that's what they say when you're together, watch what you say....

I do not like the tone or turn of events in these past comments. I will mull on them later today and decide whether or not to delete them or censure them.

Borrowing a phrase from Life Of Jason, My blog, my rules.

Jim Lee

Jason said...

No need, Jim. I'll delete my own. :)

And the my blog, my rules thing was a joke in a thread about what restaurant was best in town. Has nothing to do with political issues. :)

Jason said...

And, sorry for the comments here. Won't be happening again.