Monday, September 24, 2007

Drinking The Kool-Aid, Part 8,259

The paper this morning was full of good stuff!!!!

Helm's article talking about the horrible "they";
Cunningham's article talking about the great payday loan people;
June Brown and Larry (JL)Cunningham's letters;
The PLO Terrorist who became a Christian
and the continuing saga of "Twinkies, Pop Tarts and Steaks".

A wealth of stuff and a joy to read. I can't wait to disect them but I have GOT to get some work done.

A quick tease:

I don't know Representative Cunningham nor do I live in his district. I seem to recall that he owns a grocery stored or once owned a grocery store in Marshfield.

The last line of his article, "Mr. Ray, you, or no one else in this world has enough money to influence how I voter", stuck me odd.

Why is an elected state representative defending or even explaining the payday loan industry? Appears to me this could and should be done by the payday loan people.

But wait, it gets better, in reviewing the campaign finance reports filed by Representative Cunningham, most of his contributions come from banks and groups like "The World Acceptance Corporation" whose website describes them as such: "World Acceptance Corporation is one of the largest small-loan consumer finance companies in the US. It offers small loans, credit insurance and ancillary products to individuals with limited access to other sources of consumer credit. It also provides its customers with income tax preparation services and access to refund anticipation loans."

And a special note to our bankrupt friend: We have mentioned this before and you seem to keep forgetting it: Simple declarative sentences in chronological order with subject/verb agreement. Identify who they are and who is the greatest huckster?

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admin said...

I just couldn't stand that article about the "former" PLO terrorist-turned Christian. Had to write about it.