Saturday, September 08, 2007

Branson Hopes To Diversify With Center: Opening Causes Concerns In Springfield

Branson, Missouri has now a convention center. Springfield, Missouri does not now have a convention center.

Branson tore down most of historic downtown Branson, Missouri to build the Branson Landing. Before it got torn down, there actually was a Branson Landing, you could dock your boat and walk up street to the liquor store and buy a six pack and walk back to your boat.

The Sammy Lane resort is gone. The White River Landing is here.

Will Branson, Missouri be able to draw business away from Springfield? The A Small Group of Ministers recently held their annual convention in Branson instead of Springfield because they knew Branson, Missouri has a strong spiritual economy.

Bill Tirone, director of sales and marketing for the Branson Convention Center, says Branson and Springfield have two distinct markets: Branson caters to the leisure crowds, while Springfield is more about business.
The classic business in front / party in back debate rages on!


Anonymous said...

Okay. No offense if the photo of the family with wild hair are relatives, but is that for real? The hair is crazy!

Sheila said...

I was curious too. That is some hair.