Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Urban Legend or Fighting Fascists With Fascism

I deleting this post because I can not verify that it actually happened. You can read the original posting
here. It has urban legend written all over it. Michael Ledeen posted this on the National Review Website. I wish there was more documentation with it, such as who sent it, to whom was it sent, when was with sent, any other people observe the same incident, you know, the usual who, what, where, when and maybe even why.

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Anonymous said...

Given the hostile atmosphere in America right now concerning the Iraq War, we can't just dismiss this out of hand. If it's proven false, great, let's dispel it. Until then, let's not write it off because I could very easily see a handful of people in a position to do this choosing to do it. (Maybe it would be more of a power thing than a political thing but still...)