Sunday, May 06, 2007

BJ Marsh gunning to become a democrat? Or maybe an independent?

First BJ and Tony Messenger had a discussion about term limits. Marsh wants to run to represent his district again, but term limits won't let him do it. He believes the law should be tossed out. "I'm gung ho about this," Marsh said. "I think term limits are wrong."

Then BJ has a far reaching conversation with
Dave Catonese on his KY3 Political Blog.

Then, in this morning's News-Leader, Tony Messenger has a story about BJ and his lonely ethical stand.

Catonese mentions BJ's attendance problems in Jefferson City, only ever so slightly. When Democrats mention his attendance, BJ brings up his deceased wife's health problems, his son running into the wall at Greenwood (actually that year BJ had one of his best attendance records in the legislature), and his own health problems.

BJ is a nice guy. If I ever wanted to take a bus trip, I'd want him to be the driver, no, not the driver, BJ has too many health problems to be trusted driving a bus, but the tour guide, the guy who sits on the jump seat and tells jokes to the tourists. That's what I want BJ to be doing.

BJ's up to something, you can't feed at the public trough for as long as he has and not want it to continue.

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Anonymous said...

The fulminating by B.J. Marsh over term limits shows how selfishly craven is his need for the taxpayer teat, his only real motive for being in elected office. I wonder if it ever occurs to him ast to why his constituents would want him around any longer, given his record of chronic voting absence? Marsh is just one more example of the pathetic state of public integrity in our representative democracy. And sadly, his self-centeredness is so pronounced that he doesn't appear to see the foolishness of his behavior.