Sunday, May 20, 2007

NO MORE ANONIMINITY or however how you spell it.

Last week I went downtown to the Patton Alley Pub to the 417 area bloggers meeting.
I generally don't like going to bars, it i's just expensive, gosh darn it. I can go to Pricecutter and buy a 30 pack of Miller High Life for what three beers in a bar cost me. Since I live on a fixed income, how I spend my money has become very important to me.

So, I go to the bar and I drink tonic water. Which I like. But I am 58 years old and continually battle BPH so tonic water probably isn't the best choice for me, especially considering all the sodium in it. I end up feeling like the guys in the back seat of the Mustang.

For those readers under 50, the reference to the back seat of the Mustang is in reference to a television commercial for a drug that reliefs the gotta go syndrome of men that sometimes happens as we age. It is definately an annoyance.

I talk to a couple of bloggers and they speak of the need for bloggers to identify themselves to give credibility to their blogs. Of the three of us in the conversation, I am the only one whose true identity is secret. (Gee, I feel like Batman or Superman).

I like being able to blog under BusPlunge. No one knows who I am, so I can do some pretty daring things: Like making fun of city council, or , gee if Ryan Cooper can out a sex offender on SMSU....correction MSU faculty, can I out a local politician?
I have the balls to do it as BusPlunge.

And Ashcroft, I am saluting John Ashcroft for standing up for the constitution. John Ashcroft, who got kicked out of the Bush administration for being too moderate. John Ashcroft!

I've lived in Springfield since the summer of 1964. I've seen a lot of changes since then and it seems like I've been against dam near everyone of them. Red light cameras, iceskating parks, founders park, jordan valley park, crime lab, hillbilly silicone valley, where is the city getting the money to spend on all this stuff?

And then, in the SNL ---Springfield News Leader--- a consultant says that in revitalizing Commercial Street we need to pay as we go. Like shouldn't we have been doing that all along?

La De Da De Da, the beat goes on La De Da De De, the beat goes on.

Who is running the city? Why didn't anybody run against Ralph in the last election? Heck fire darnit.

How come Ozarks Politics is so darn funny and how come I can't write like that?

I was complaining to my son the other day about how things really got messed up with the contractor who was supposed to be fixing our house. Instead he took my money. My son asked me, "What can't you be doing that you want to be doing?"

My answer, nothing. It is pretty stressful and full, but nothing unmanageable. I gots to get these houses reroofed, patio covers fixed, cabin reroofed, trucks sold, money paid back, horse sold, airstream finished, bathroom redone, Hey we'll get it done.

You know, sometimes Bennett Cerf WAS funny.


Anonymous said...

You may go on believing you're writing an anonyblog, but it took me less than 30 seconds on your site to pin you! I mean, how many short buses are there?

Busplunge said...

I've been outed???
My email address is even listed in here somewhere.
The beauty of it all is this: If you want to know who I am, there are all sorts of clues in this blog. If you take the time to look.
IMHO the random reader will not do that.
Thanks for the comment, at least I know somebody is reading this darn thing, gosh aruty already right.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, "Anyonymous," you were outed by the News-Leader this morning. Imagine my surprise ... I thought you were Tom Carlson!

It's comforting to know that the Ozarks is still capable of producing grumpy old geezers who are "agin" everything, suspicious of everything, and only happy when they're grousing .... yeah, our city was a lot better when the entire downtown was a disaster area ... no Hammons Field, no Jordan Valley Park, no MSU Ice Bears hockey (they sell out almost every game), no First Friday Art Walk, nobody on the streets, nothing to do ... gosh, what ever happened to the Good Old Daze?

--Your longtime friend and frequent, if not constant, admirer, Kelly Knauer

Busplunge said...

Dear Sir or Madame:

You may be right.


Bus Plunge