Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mediacom Raises Rates.....Again

I am not really sure what is going on with the Cable tv rates charged by Mediacom.

In January 2006, basic and extended cable went from $50.00 a month to $52.11 a month, taxes and fees included. included in this amount is a line maintenance fee of 25 cents.

The bills stayed at $52.11 for almost a year, then something happened with the March, 2007 bill.

The line maintenance fee went from $.25 to $3.95, an increase of $3.70. I called Mediacom and they told me that it was in the contract with the city to charge a line maintenance fee. But it was optional, I did not have to pay it if I didn't want it, but I would be responsible for all line repairs done by cable tv people at my house. I opted out of the maintenance fee, saving, or so I thought, $3.95 a month.

I pay cable for four households, I would much rather have that $3.95 a month times four than mediacom. That is $15.80. Now, add how many subscribers Mediacom has in Springfield area and multiply that by $3.95, quite a substantial income increase for mediacom.

I get the April bill and it is $55.14.....much higher than than what I thought it should have been (52.12 - 3.95 = 48.17).

I emailed the cable company and they told me there was a rate increase of $4.50 that took effect this month.
Sometimes I feel like Canada Bill Jones.

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