Thursday, May 10, 2007

I like this Game!

Snarling Marmot and that Chatter guy got this thing going, NOT that kind of thing, keep your mind on the bidness, a thing going about places to eat and drink in Springfield, it is sort a fun to play.

Favorite overall restaurant: Shoney's, really nice food and great buffet,great for breakfast
Favorite new restaurant: any place downtown with over priced food and obnoxious self-serving customers.
Favorite breakfast place: Shoney's
Favorite sushi: Tie: Long John Silver and Captain D's, now they know how to cook fish
Favorite bar: Cat and Fiddle / cheap drinks, I just can't bring myself to spend $6.00 for a martini when I can buy a whole bottle of good vodka as Skagg's for 25 bucks.
Favorite brunch: Don't eat brunch, I get up early enough for breakfast.
Favorite “average Joe” chain restaurant: Burger King
Favorite Mexican: Tamale King
Favorite pizza place: TIE Pizza Hut, they deliver and always have something on sale and Pizza House, we love the burnt edges.
Favorite Italian: That place by Cox where they let you draw on the table cloth with crayons
Favorite burger: The 99 cent burger bar on Commerical street, mmmm, burgers and beer!
Favorite themed restaurant: Wing stop French fries are GREAT!
Favorite beer joint: TIE: Sunshine Inn, close to the house, can walk home/ my back porch BEFORE my neighbors found my beer fridge
Favorite pita bread and hummus: TIE: Pricecutter / Sam's Favorite lunch place for a first date: Heck, I been married 36 years, I don't know.
Favorite place for a romantic date: see above
Favorite fast food place: Wendy's they treat the tomatoe pickers right.
Favorite place I want to visit more but keep forgetting it’s there: Twilight Grill / Daniel's place on Division
Favorite restaurant for entertaining the kids: NOT that obnoxious faux xtian pizza joint on s. campbell,
Favorite dessert: Village Inn for the pies
Favorite new place for lunch: Coyote’s Adobe Cafe & Bar
Favorite place overall to eat: Cox South Cafeteria, reasonably priced well balanced meals.
Favorite place for steaks: My son's house, he is a great griller and he lives next door! I see my grandsons everyday, the only bad thing is my son knows where my beer fridge is

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