Thursday, May 17, 2007

Camera Spots 11 Red Light Runners

YOu can read about it at Ozark snow.

I may be a little fuzzy in the math department, but bear with me:
In a two week trial, 11 people ran the red light. That's $1100.00 in revenue.
If we expand those figures, (assuming this is an average of one red light runner a day per intersection, and 15 intersections will have cameras) that is a projected income of $1500.00 a day times 30 days in a month = $45,000.00 a month income, gross times 12 months = $540,000 a year.

Laser craft charges $4,195 per approach per insection. I guess this means, although the newspaper reports aren't clear, that each intersection has four approaches, north, south, east and west. $4,195 time 4 = $16,870 per insection per month times 15 intersections (city says eventually 16 intersections will have cameras, you can adjust the math) = $251,700 city income per month times 12 months = $3,020,400.

Lasercraft also charges around $200,000 annually in processing and postage fees.

In addition, the city has budgeted $100,000 for salaries and benefits, as well as court contingency costs.

If I did the math right, the city will be spending $3,320,000 for the red light cameras. The city stands to receive $540,000 a year for red light cameras. This later figure will probably go down as people realize the cameras are there, so it is a diminishing figure.

Meanwhile, the pension fund is short $3,000,000. I think I know where to get it.

What was the City Council thinking?

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