Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bomb Plot Thwarted At Falwell's Funeral

When I first read this headline, I assumed that someone was planning on bombing Falwell's funeral service.
Only after I read the text did I realize that one of the Students at Liberty University made the bomb to use AGAINST protesters at the funeral.

In discussions about terrorists and suicide bombers, I have made the comment that the faith of these must be mighty powerful to blow yourself up for your beliefs. (Remember the Buddhist monks who self imolated protesting their government in Viet Nam? At least they didn't take anybody with them.)
Far be it from me to throw stones,,,,,,but isn't using bombs against people who don't agree with you, sort of....could I, dare I, say a bit terroristic? But oh, this student wasn't planning to blow himself up, just other people. Maybe he was pretending they were an abortion clinic.

Read about it here.

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