Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Storm Chasers

On March 12, 2006, a hail storm hit Springfield, MO, damaging four properties owned by my family.

All of the properties sustained hail damage to the roofs and gutters, patio covers and outbuildings.

As of today, none of the jobs are finished and I am looking for new contractors. I assume **** is in Kansas helping the people out there. It ain't easy.

This morning after reading about Jay Nixon going after price gougers during the recent ice storm, I wrote a very long piece about how a local business overcharged me and my insurance company for damages from teh March 12, 2006 hail storm.

As I re-read it and re-wrote, taking out any names and specific locations. to avoid being sued for the s.o.b., I realized I was spending way too much time and energy on this jerk. So I deleted the posting.

If you want to read it in all its glory, send me an email.

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