Thursday, April 07, 2011

It worked for Billy Long, maybe it'll work for these guys....

From Steve Helms' internet newspaper:

Weekdays 6:30-10am
Call: 862-9977

This week on Morningline, John Sellars will be on Monday thru Thursday (April 4th – 7th) taking your calls and guiding the conversation on the big news and issues of the day. Call John and let him and the rest of the Ozarks know what you think about those important topics.

Steve Helms will be the host on Friday (April 8th) with the big topic of the day being, “Religion and Government”. Friday’s guests are Dee Wampler, attorney and author; Earl Taylor, of the National Center for Constitutional Studies; and Tom Strong, attorney and speaker on the 1st Amendment.

Then on Monday, April 11th, Steve will be on with the topic of the day, “Where have civility and morality gone in America?” One of his scheduled guests is Dr. Forni with John Hopkins University. Dr. Forni is the author of “Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct”.

I assume Helms is using vacation time to host the show.


Anonymous said...

Where does it say in Missouri Statutes that the responsibilities of the Circuit Clerk includes hosting a radio talk show and talk about religion?

Just how far up their butts do each and every one of the Circuit and Associate Circuit Judges have their heads?

Are the monkeys running the zoo?

Anonymous said...

I agree, the clown had better be on vacation time for these shows....
including travel to and from his office.
Wish I was off work so I could call in and voice my 10 cents worth


Anonymous said...

Helms answers to no one. He knows he is on easy street and that the Circuit Court has another person, hired by Greene County, to do his job.

This is the most abuse of public service I've seen in the Circuit Court system and neither the Circuit Judges nor the public gives a rat's ass.

Thanks Mavis. It's all your fault

Anonymous said...

Well, the "Glenn Beck" of Springfield, (Helms)has elevated himself I see. Maybe he doesn't have to go to work anymore.

Why doesn't the local papers cover this stuff when these politicians pull crap like this?

They told us when Matt Blunt flew home everyday on corporate (private) planes.

Why not Helms?

Anonymous said...

10:13, If you ever get the chance to meet the current SN-L publisher and editor, you will understand. They are trying to survive on revenues generated by inserts, auto dealers and realtors and have no interest, desire, nor, knowledge on what is happening right below their eyes.

KY3 and KOLR are damn near as bad.

Anonymous said...

Does he even put in 40 hours at his office a week?

Anonymous said...

Not according to the baliffs. The talk over coffee is that he is either working out, doing some website, or gone to meetings not related to the Circuit Court system.

Hopefully, like his hero Don Carriker, he will get defeated at the next election. Boy I'm glad the voters didn't put that idiot on the school board.

Anonymous said...

Reckon both of those choice Republicans are looking at Sara Lampe's job again when she terms out?