Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say Billy, how'd it go? How'd you do? Aw, it was great, we're gonna make a Youtube video out of it!

It takes a lot of balls to play golf and to tell your constituents that everyday you are in Washington D.C. you'll be doing the right thing for the right reason.

Yesterday Long, in remarks to constituents, Long talked about reps who are in D.C. for 'window dressing':

"There are so many people that are there for window dressing. They'll run down there and make a floor speech and I'll be back in the cloakroom right off the floor there, watching it on C-SPAN because I can hear it better than I can on the floor....and they'll come back and say, 'How'd I do? how'd I do?' and alltheir buddies will say, 'Aw, you did great, we're gonna take that and make a youtube video out of it.' "

We've already seen how Congressman Long sponsored a bill to establish a "National Auctioneer's Day" because "they called his office and asked him to drop the bill."

Long speech on auctioneer's day was posted by Long's office to youtube.

The same afternoon, Long's office also posted the following video on you-tube:

This morning, the PGA website posts the following story: PGA Professionals, veteran give high marks for visit with lawmakers during National Golf Day.

In that story is this paragraph:
Following a series of meetings, Rep. Billy Long of Missouri, issued an address from floor of the House of Representatives on the benefits of golf, and spoke about the experience he had witnessing Padilla and how golf "adds great benefits to our country in many ways," including the source of 2 million jobs, charitable contributions and as stewards of the environment.

"Following a series of meetings, Rep. Billy Long of Missouri, issued an address from the floor..."

Say Billy, how'd it go? How'd you do?

Aw, you did great! We're gonna take that video and put it on youtube!

Billy has the time to have a 'series of meetings' with PGA golf lobbyists and then has the golf balls to bar me from a press briefing?

There's a major disconnect going on here.

You can't make this stuff up!

Billy is not the guy who would seem to be the poster boy for fitness and golf.

Of all the 435 reps in Washington, why did the PGA choose Billy to give the 'golf speech' on the House floor?

Why Billy?

Because he once went to school with Payne Stewart?

Because his father once owned a minature golf course?

Or maybe Billy did it for sheets and grins?


Anonymous said...

Or for a political contribution from another special interest group. Got to pay them dues at the Capitol Hill Club.

Anonymous said...

Well I finally figured out WHY Billy Bob wears that dopey cowboy hat.

'Cause he looks like Crusty the Clown from the Simpson's without it.

What a goofball.

Is making fun of someone looks considered "bullying"?

Bully Billy. Nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Golf? Gooollllfffff!!!!!!! You got to be kidding me. Is this all this simpleton has done since he took office in January?

He is eat up with the dumb@** and can only express himself by talking about auctioneers and golfers.

Someone, anyone who runs against him can run commercials until the Rockies are a prairie again just on his first 100 days in office.

Jeth Row-Row-Row your boat is going to have a tough time polishing this turd for the next election.

Anonymous said...

Free Bozo!

Anonymous said...

I second that. Free Bozo!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the FBI would get involved if someone were to kidnap Bozo from the dash of his F150 and hold it for ransom? I picture Linus without his blanket.