Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long spends $1,333 in campaign funds for club membership

Billy Long ran as the "outsider", the guy who was "FED UP" with Washington insiders and career politicians.

Remember this? I do.

A flashy Southern auctioneer with as much a penchant for cowboy hats as for telling voters that he’s “fed up,” Rep. Billy Long struck electoral gold with his campaign as a bona fide Capitol Hill outsider.

“I may not look the part,” the Missouri Republican said in a campaign ad, cracking a sly smile. “But if you’re fed up with politicians in Washington and their cronies, I would truly appreciate your vote.”

After the election was sealed, Long’s rhetoric didn’t cease. When he came to the Capitol in November for orientation, he announced in a press release, “Mr. Outsider Meets the Insiders.”
What happened to the guy who was "fed up" with politicians and their cronies?

According to his quarterly report filed Tuesday with the FEC, one of the first things Long did in Washington was to spend $1,333 of his campaign funds to join the exclusive "Capitol Hill Club".
Who's fed up now?Oops!

More on this subject on The Turner Report, on Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom and on Inside Missouri Politics.

And now here's the answer to that titillating question that is of interest to all of those who buy nails: "How do you keep a free market free?"

Congressman "Just call me Billy" Long also received money from the following PACs:
(hat tip to The Turner Report for compiling this list.) Those breakfasts must have really paid off.

Long received $78,517 during the last three months, with more than $40,000 of it that coming from either special interest PACS or lobbyists. Those breakfasts must have really paid off.

Among the contributions:

$1,000- Action Committee for Rural Electrification
$1,000- Allied Pilots Association
$1,000- Ameren Federal PAC
$1,000- American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
$1,000- American Airlines PAC
$1,000- American Bus Association PAC
$1,000- American Hospital Association PAC
$5,000- Anheuser-Busch PAC
$1,000- Arch Coal PAC
$3,000- Boeing Company PAC
$ 500- CoalPAC
$1,000- Dairy Farmers of America PAC
$2,000- Emerson Electric
$2,000- FedEx PAC
$2.000- Free and Strong America PAC
$2,000- Honeywell International PAC
$ 500- MinePAC
$1,000- National Air Traffic Controllers PAC
$2,000- National Association of Convenience Stores PAC
$1.000- National Association of Realtors PAC
$1,000- National Rural Letter Carriers PAC
$1,000- Outdoor Advertising Association of America
$2,000- PriceWaterhouseCoopers PAC
$2,000- Raytheon Company PAC
$2,000- Southwest Airlines Pilots Association
$1,000- United Technologies Corporation PAC

An additional $9,600 of Long's money came from Harry and Joann Baker of Omaha, Arkansas, according to the report.

Five lobbyists are listed as contributors:

-Samantha Cook, who lobbies for the Greene County Commission and Joplin Area Coalition, gave $250.

-Larry Hart, American Conservative Union, $250

-Scott Marrs, City of Springfield, Branson Chamber of Commerce, Greene County Commission

-Michael Waite, lobbyist for Livingston Group, represents defense interests. Waite is a Missouri State University graduate.

-James Massie, an energy lobbyist for the Alpine Group.


Timeshare Jake said...

Jim, I have watched that video a hundred times now, and I am even more confused how to keep a free market free.

You are right, Mr. Outsider is and always will be Mr. Insider hoping to seek the love and admiration of other Mr. Insiders.

Anonymous said...

Fed Up or Well Fed?

Sarah said...

"We need someone who is not part of the political establishment. We need someone who loves his country and is willing to put his country before himself; before his party; before politics as usual; before special interest groups; before lobbyists; and before his colleagues in Congress. We need someone who will put YOU before money and power and influence."--Sarah Steelman July 28, 2010

Oops, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

All of you entitlement voters need to remember Sarah Steelman when she runs against Claire McCaskill in 2012, and do the right thing.