Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Bob Ross Might Be Saying If He Were Still Alive:


Anonymous said...

I wish I could wear my hair like that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama made a point in stopping the deep-water drilling.

It looks like the oil companies would come forth with a bullet-proof plan to avoid the problems that are ruining our Gulf States shorelines.

If they can't make that presentation in a timely fashion showing how science and technology can avoid the problem in the future, they do not deserve the right to deep-water drill anywhere in the world.

Does tha make sense or it it just the gin talking?

Anonymous said...


Absolutely! And old Bob was the original smoooooth talker. Why he could talk the panties off of a manaquen.

Anonymous said...


Did you mean manqueen or mannequin?

Either could wear panties.