Sunday, June 27, 2010

Billy Long And Others Want To Take Away This Black Guy's Right To Vote!

This morning's SNL has an article about a forum held yesterday for the 7th District candidates seeking to replace Roy Blunt.

Part of the discussion focused on the repeal of the 17th Amendement, which was ratified in 1913 and allows for the direct election of U.S. Senators. Previous to ratification, state legislators chose the senators.

Cory De Vera reports:

Candidate Darrell Moore, currently Greene County prosecuting attorney, stood out as the only candidate against repeal of the 17th Amendment.

Ratified in 1913, the amendment allows voters to directly elect U.S. senators. Before its passage, senators were selected by state legislators.

Those who want it repealed (Goodman, Long, Moon, Nodler, Wardell and Wisdom) argue that repeal would return power to states. Candidate Mike Moon said when the 17th Amendment was enacted, supporters were looking for a way to counter corruption that had developed in the way some senators got their seats.

But taking that power away from state legislatures and giving it directly to the people may not be such a good idea today, he said. "The state has lost its voice to Washington, D.C.," Moon said.

These guys, with the notable exception of Darrell Moore, have been listening to Glenn Beck too much.


Anonymous said...

Bo knows Billy.
Bo mows for Billy.
Bo Davis that is.

Anonymous said...

I really think these politicians are out for their own good, screw the common person for thier own wealth and welfare.
Blunt would really be put in because he can raise soooo much money, at the same time screwing the service members........
Get real you dumb politicians....
tom lee

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Anonymous said...

Proponents of repeal of the 17th Amendment believe that making senators accountable to state legislatures would end runaway federal spending and give states a say in the affairs of the federal government.

Could it also end the runaway spending and the massive out of state contributions that come into campaigns to elect U.S. Senators?

Hell, I don't know?

Busplunge said...

Anon 6:22pm...

I might buy into your premise IF state legislatures were accountable to the voters, which they are not.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, except our state legislators come home on May 15 and have to hide from us until the next session begins in January.

Them folks in Washington turned Congress into a full time job, in about 1986 I think, and we never have the chance to pound on them.

Are term limits needed?

I'm not a proponent of term limits because of what has happened in Jefferson City. We have lost institutional knowledge and everyone is in a frenzy ti introduce bill so they can get press reports sent b ack to their district. In addition, the lobbyist have taken control of many of them and their thought processes.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't want those hacks in Jeff to select my McDonald's entree.


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Anonymous said...


I enjoy your 'quoteable' posts. But I also find your observations informative. You and Bus must be brothers from another mother.

Just for practice. Rank the GOP Congressional group from one to eight as you view them from the best qualified to go to DC and do the job to the other end of the scale.

Anonymous said...

Let's see there's Billy Bob, Darrell Bob, Gary Bob, Jack Bob, Mike Bob, Jeff Bob.........