Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where your dreams (nightmares?) become reality

I wrote a post last night on the US Attorneys and the squelling of voter rights. In that post, which is posted below, I wrote, in irony, "And thank goodness our senators and representative have the ability to make a good gumbo out of crayfish, turtles and whatever else animals we can find around this state instead of discussing depressing topics like sick people in wheelchairs kicked off health insurance, or cloning and gosh darnit, it's too bad about them people anyhow but it's survival of the fittest baby, I got mine, you gotta get yours.

This morning, while reading today's paper, I came across this:

To The Point
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Too many deadbeats out there
I am so tired of hearing about the lack of Medicaid and food stamps in Missouri. Isn't it time that people take responsibility for themselves and their actions? I agree that those unable to work should get assistance from the state, but those that choose not to help themselves should just fend for themselves. I'm tired of my tax dollars going to all these deadbeat people in the world.

- Matthew Miller, Springfield

Thank you Matthew Miller, you have stated my case far more elequantly than I ever could.

"Tis a privledge to live in the Ozarks."

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