Thursday, May 10, 2007

College Sued over Transfer of Credits

1. College sued over transfer of credits
May 6, 2004 •• 1131 words •• ID: spr2004050713052852
Ryan Slight, News-Leader A Cassville family has sued Vatterott College for fraud, alleging the Springfield campus deceived a student into believing all her credits would transfer to larger schools. Robert and Linda Moss spent more than $12,000 for Bobbie Moss' tuition and related expenses in the past year before learning neither Southwest Missouri State University nor Ozarks Technical Community College would take her credits, according to a petition filed last month in Greene County Circuit Court.
Here is the link to the court record.
Anyone know how this turned out? I seem to think that the family got their $12,000 back.

I received an email yesterday detailing what appears to be much the same thing happening up the road in Bolivar. Whomever wrote it appears to know what they are talking about in the program. It is an interesting read. Here is the link.

It appears that not every student up there likes the school either, as indicated on Rate My

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, this school, at least the Wichita branch, has a policy of providing sub-standard education coupled with a blanket passing policy which rewards poor work and discourages potential.

Some other pages on past Vatterott's boondogles, bamboozles, swindles and hoodwinks.

lawsuit due to poor teaching. No mention of settlement or case outcome.

vaterott testimonials.