Monday, May 28, 2007

Trouble for Green County Crime Lab: What's wrong with this story?

From the Springfield Community Free Press May 9-22, 2007

The fight continues in Jefferson City for a much needed crime lab in Greene County.

"Right now, I'm gravely concerned that House Bill 19 is on life support," Rep. Bob Dixon said, "The Speaker indicated that, in his words, 'We can just do that bill next year.'"

Right now, HB 19 is currently in teh House Rules Committee. Dixon said that the bill is somewhat tied down in the legislative process because House Bills 1-13, which compromise the primary operating budget, must be passed first.

"What's really frustrating is that the members of the House sent the bill over to the Senate in February, and it's been sitting there, collecting dust," he said.

"I'm fighting with everything in me to get this bill passed," Dixon said, "It's crucial not just for Southwest Missouri, but for the entire state."

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