Thursday, June 28, 2012


Billy Long Reacts To Obamacare Ruling

People unhappy with Thursday's Supreme Court ruling on President Obama's health care law are making their feelings known. Missouri 7th District Congressman Billy Long tells News Talk KZRG he's been hearing from the folks back home.

"You can't believe how many calls we're getting at our office. Everyone is furious about this, so it's going to be a big boon to us, as far as getting more members of the Republican party in the House, picking up the Senate in the Republican column and picking up the White House."

Long also says he sees trouble ahead for Obama's health care law. "Back in 2009, the President said this is not a tax, and then he had his lawyers go and argue to the Supreme Court, 'Oh by the way, it's not a mandate, it's a tax.' So they took any tack they could to get it through. Now they've got it cleared but, through this ruling they've struck down this ruling on the Medicaid expansion. I think it'll collapse upon its own weight."

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