Friday, June 29, 2012

Billy Long Fails MO7, puts politics before constituents, says Obamacare is good for Republicans...

Read this From Bungalow Bill:

Billy Long is putting politics and political party before the Constitution. This perhaps may be the most pathetic action ever from the man who went to Washington claiming he was "fed up" of politics as usual in Washington.

In a comment to 97.9, Billy Long says the Obamacare ruling will be good for the Republican party.

"You can't believe how many calls we're getting at our office. Everyone is furious about this, so it's going to be a big boon to us, as far as getting more members of the Republican party in the House, picking up the Senate in the Republican column and picking up the White House."

So we have Billy Long celebrating the fact Republicans will benefit from the Obamacare ruling. This is just sick! While the American people lose, Billy Long is counting increases in red seats in the House and Senate. While our Constitution takes a direct hit as Supreme Court Justice gives Congress ultimate power in his decision that Congress can pretty much do whatever it wants as long as Congress calls it a tax, Congressman Long is propping up the Republican party as something virtuous.

I hate to burst Congressman Long's bubble, but for most of my life I have voted for the meaningless promises of the Republican party. Promises to protect life and reverse Roe V. Wade, promises to end the EPA, promises to end the Department of Education, promises to cut the size of government...

Every two years we hear these same promises, and yet no matter how many federal Republicans we elect, these promises become empty only to be made two years later.

Why should we trust Billy Long on this matter anyway. It was Billy Long who said there's lots of things about Obamacare that are good, and he had to be coached in an interview with Sarah Steelman to oppose the mandate?

For Billy Long, Obamacare is good because it means more federal Republicans to conduct more central planning of your life. Your comment is pathetic Billy Long!


Anonymous said...


WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Rep. Billy Long issued the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down their decision on the constitutionality of the president’s health care law:

“I am extremely disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision. The Obama administration and Democrats who passed this harmful law were clear in stating that the mandate was not a tax, yet the Supreme Court chose to ignore that fact and uphold the mandate under the taxing provision granted to Congress. This decision is not only a blow to Americans who must deal with the consequences of government takeover of health care, but it is also a blow to democracy and the individual liberties this country was founded on.

“I will continue to fight in Congress to repeal this harmful law and replace it with patient-centered health care that addresses the rising cost of health care in this country.”

Anonymous said...

Willard, Missouri - "There's lots of things about the new healthcare law that are good." Billy Long

Anonymous said...

The new health care law IS good. Responsible people will get insurance instead of waiting for an accident or an illness to happen and then filing bankruptsy (famous Republican trick)...or the just plain freeloaders on the system....will be forced to do their fair share and stop raising everyone else's rates because they freeload.

We are compelled to enroll in the Social Security and Medicare program. This is the same thing.

Now we are compelled into the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans -- too bad.

Now, as someone with a pre existing condition, I don't have to worry about being cancelled...this was a common occurance before Obama's health care act. People died and the Pro-life party could care less. They ignored the fact this was even happening. People died because once they got sick their insurance companies cancelled them. It equated to murder and the Pro-life party celebrated the insurance companies right to do so.

Universal (or almost) healthcare is here. Deal with it. You will no more cancel it than you will cancel Social Security.

Stop the whining.

As the selfish USE the program, we will hear less and less bitchin'. Just watch. No good Republican ever turns away free government money....Never. Not one ever gives back their Social Security or fails to use their Medicare. Never.