Monday, April 30, 2012

Mary Louise Bansbach Lee April 30, 1928

Happy Birthday MOM!

Mom and Dad, June 1960, 19 St. Charles Place, Shrewsbury MO.  That's our 1960 red and white VW micro bus.  Mom and Dad liked these cars.

Mom sitting in the family room at the house on Jefferson in Springfield, probably mid 1970s.  I think she looks a lot like our sister Ellen here.

Annual Christmas photo taken in the front room 1822 South National, Springfield, MO.  This is now the location of the St. John's parking garage (SE corner National and Sunshine).

Mary Lou and Bob Lee, Spring, 1948.  

Mom, Jim, Tom and Bob, probably winter 1950
 November, 2003-- Bob, 1947 Tampa FL; Jim, 1949 Springfield, MO; Tom, 1950 St. Augustine FL; Ed, 1960 Ormond Beach, FL; Jane, 1955 Republic, MO; John, 1959 Ormond Beach, FL; Mary, 1953 Ocala, FL; Carol, 1954 Panama City, FL; Joan, 1965 Pleasant Hope, MO: Mary Lou, 1928; Ellen, 1964 Tampa, FL.  This photo was taken at Jane's house on the occasion of my Dad's funeral service. It was the last time all of us children were together.

My Mom, Mary Lou Lee, was the eldest of three sisters, she grew up in Shrewsbury MO on Murdoch Avenue. She and my dad were married for 56 years. She has ten living children, 15 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. She enjoyed working in the dirt and planting flowers, sipping coffee on the deck of her lake cabin, quilting and needlepointing and embroidery. A friend of Bill's for over 25 years, she liked walking through hardware stores and visiting with her family and friends. She had a warm manner and was a sensitive and thoughtful soul. My grandsons have good memories of her. So do I. Happy Birthday, Mom!


Anonymous said...

I'm 90% sure that should read 9 great grand kids.


Busplunge said...

You're right, Mary Ellen and Rob's new baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim,
Brought back memories of older times that will never be seen again.