Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Kids! Let's Join Billy's Secret Club! MEMBERS ONLY!

Billy's now got a 'secret club', members only.   On the sidebar of his web page is this message: If you would like to access the members-only areas of the Billy Long for Congress web site or leave us information on how can volunteer, please take the time to share your details with us.

This website, Billy Long for is NOT to be confused with Billy's government website

The dot com website does contain, at the bottom of the page, the standard paid for by disclaimer AND a link to Billy's government website:
© 2012 Billy Long. All Rights Reserved. Paid for by Billy Long for Congress, Ron Neville, Treasurer, 88-FEDUP
For all legislative or casework inquiries, please click here.

Billy's secret "Members Only" club reminds me of  Ralphie and his Secret Society decoder pin from the Little Orphan Annie radio show. After weeks of anxious waiting, and missing out on the daily "secret message" (which to a kid appeared very important) Ralphie finally is able to participate. However, he learns a lesson in being ripped off, as the secret message turned out to be an Ovaltine reminder to 'drink more Ovaltine".

Will Billy's secret 'Members Only' message be to "Vote for Billy"?  Or maybe a change to win one of Billy's old jackets?



Timeshare Jake said...

Jim, I went to sign up and the captcha word I got was "cardiac" to type in before submitting my information. What are the chances?

Anonymous said...

Good lord. Reckon there's graphics?