Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Icy Roads St. Louis 1949

I don't know where I got these photos from, they are identified as "12-12-49 Icy"

For some reason I think these are taken in St. Louis, MO. I had a time figuring out the sequence.

Photo 1. A car heading up the hill has it's hood up and looks like a left front fender smashed. A Jeep 2wd wagon is sliding avoiding hitting a Ford woody wagon. Over the top of the wagon is a truck. A wrecker and another sedan is on the side of the road heading downhill.

Photo 2: Better shot of black Buick with front end damage. Two other sedans are sliding down the hill. It looks like the jeep barely missed the Mack truck

Photo 3: Nope, the jeep clipped the left rear of teh truck. The two sedans finished their slide, looks like one slid into the sedan that parked on the side of the road--which may have hit a light pole. 1949 Ford coupe, 1948 Chevy pickup, and what looks like Mack city truck in background.

Photo 4: Police are on the scene. and cars are moving up the hill. It looks like a lamp pole got smashed also. That Chevrolet, going around the Jeep, with the Chevy Pickup following, thatlooks like a brand new car.


Anonymous said...

wonder if that is Norman News jeep wagon?

Didn't Dad have one of those?


Anonymous said...

Hell, I was there.

Bushwacker said...

When I was younger, I like snow and winter. But now I'm older, snow and winter isn't really fun all the time.

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Anonymous said...

I notice the men all appear to be wearing suits and overcoats. Ah, those were the days.....some things could go back the way they were and I'd be just fine with it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what that sweet little Series One Chevy pickup sold for new? I' sure like to find one today. I'd buy it!

Anonymous said...

I think my dad bought a new 1957 Chevy for like...$750. Imagine that.

As for the slippin' and slidin' I've seen the exact same thing in front of my house. I live in the country on a hill and when it's icy the cars come over the hill .... spin out end over end until they crash through my fence and into the pasture. They don't travel far once they hit the fence. The next car coming along follows the exact same path....as many as 9-20 cars and trucks pile up before the highway patrol can get out here to block off the road completely.

Speed is the main cause, those traveling slow seem to do fine but the speeders have a real surprise up ahead once they start downhill.

The really smart ones drive around the warning signs (nobody's gonna stop them you see) anyway and end up in the heap feeling pretty stupid. I sit and watch the show out the window --- not much one can do to stop it.

Injuries are minor thank God. Mostly bruised pride.

Anonymous said...

Buick or Pontiac?

Mr. Natural said...

A 54 Chevy shorty bus is pretty cool!