Monday, February 13, 2012

Loopholes Allowed for Long Vegas Vacation

You gotta love that headline!

From Amanda Becker, Roll Call Staff, comes this interesting story: Loopholes Allowed for Long Vegas Vacation

Here's the money quote:

Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.), for example, flew to Las Vegas on Jan. 8 for a four-day trip, leaving the city Jan. 11. The association spent about $2,000 on hotel accommodations at the Wynn Casino, airfare and meals for Long and his wife. A post-travel disclosure form filed with the Ethics Committee shows that Long spent Jan. 8 in Las Vegas at his own expense, leaving two and half additional days to attend the conference and sightsee. Long’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

And this great rollcall photo by Bill Clark: The Consumer Electronics Association spent about $2,000 on hotel accommodations at the Wynn Casino, airfare and meals for Rep. Billy Long and his wife. A disclosure form shows that Long self-expensed one day of the four-day trip to Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Billy Long is out of touch.

Anonymous said...

ah jeez.

Bushwacker said...

That was a really large amount for a one day stay on a hotel!

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Anonymous said...

Me and my wife don't gamble. Those bloggers are lying about me and these gambling rumors has been driven by Gary Nodler and Jack Goodman.

Long is obviously known in DC as a gambler, which is why his face is front and center on Roll Call's story. Otherwise, why would they care about Southwest Missouri's Congressman.

Anonymous said...

Oh he gambles all right. It's a joke to think he doesn't, anyone who ever been in Downstream knows it too.

I'd go so far as to say he's what the gambling business calls "a whale". How appropriate.

Denying it is probably the last thing Billy should do....sooner or later someones going to snap his pic!!!

Can we even imagine the grief the Republicans would give the President if he frequented these establishments and then outright lied about it?

Ah geeze is right.

rangem said...

no bumkin billy is fed up with all the people that expose him for the idiot he is