Monday, November 21, 2011

Holding America hostage: Grover Norquist

Last night on 60 Minutes Grover Norquist started off saying how he was conservative politically starting at about the age of 12 and worked for the Nixon campaign. And here's the kicker - he got this whole NO TAX idea about this time while heading home on the school bus one day.

1) He comes up with this NO TAX idea as he's riding a tax funded school bus.
2) The entire Republican party, and our economy as a whole, are being held hostage by an ideology schemed up by a 12 year old!

Our representative in Congress, Billy Long, signed Norquist's pledge. Long cares more about Norquist than he does about his constituents.

FAIL and a super fail to any other candidate who signs Norquist's pledge.

Who funds Norquist? He ain't telling.

He is a charter member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

It's easy for Billy to let others do his thinking for him.

Or, as Bus wrote earlier:
"Some say Long goes which ever way the wind blows,

Some say Long is only as smart as the last person he talked to."

A former instructor at Greenwood has told stories that Billy served a very useful purpose while in school there. He made all of the other children look smart.

rangem said...

bumpkin billy is one ignorant hillbilly