Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dangerous Games for Boys

This was in this morning's Springfield News-Leader.


Anonymous said...

Since the GOP's entire agenda already sounds like the rants of a spoiled 12 year old who didn't get his way, the fact that Grover Norquist developed this whilst riding on taxpayer-funded transportation comes as no real surprise. Rod Jetton lived on welfare so he could attend a private college; Melissa Leach lived on welfare, got a publicly-financed education, and still managed to declared bankruptcy; Shane Schoeller used public connections to get his wife a license office which was financially troubled from the start; Charlie Denison announced his intent to take another shot at getting on the Greene County Commission so he can collect yet another public pension. Roy Blunt and his sidekick the Billy Long are up for whatever they can get out of it - pensions, Cadillac insurance, campaign contributions, you name it.

Today's GOP lawmakers care only about grabbing what they can from the system and nothing of the consequences of their actions. Sort of like a 12 year old.

Anonymous said...

The Grover Norquist tax myth
by Charles Krauthammer

The Krautman helps destroy this guy.

Anonymous said...

Father taught us all that the Republicans favored big business and "monied" people and the Democrats favored the working people, the poor, the disabled, and the wounded soldier.

He never dreamed of a Republican party so selfish, unkind, and just plain mean as the party I see today. Dad even voted Republican once in a while but he wouldn't wipe his butt on a single one of the monsters we see in the Republican party today.

They would literally celebrate the starving and subsequent death of a welfare child or the death of someone with no health care as a "victory" for "their side". Anyone not "well off" is their mortal enemy.

When you listen to the cheers at their debates.....they're scary, scary, ...demons.

Anonymous said...

While your Dad was wrong, at least he was not as misguided as you.

How's that community orgainzer working out for you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, about as good as your three times married leaving wife with cancer to have an affair guy, about as good as the guy who sexually harasses women and lies about it, about as good as that batshit crazy woman from MN, about as good as that drunk from TX, about as good as the flipflopper from MA, about as good as the stuff called santorum (google it).

Anonymous said...

Smart people really intimidate you don't they?

Who is the community organizer you depend upon to do your thinking for you?

Busplunge said...

Hey anons: if you can't play nice, you're not welcome here.