Friday, July 01, 2011

The tapes don't lie: Why are these Billy Long videos being removed from Youtube?

Billy Long is learning quickly that no matter how hard he tries to remove Youtube videos of him being him, it ain't gonna happen.

First they tried to squelch Billy's "How do you keep a free market free?" video, all 3 minutes and 39 seconds of it:

Then there was the video of Billy Long ignoring a young reporter in the western portion of the 7th district. That disappeared too.

A couple of posts ago the bus reported on Billy Long's financial disclosure report and how the information contained in it didn't jibe with what Billy Long told Joplin talk radio host Josh Marsh in an interview.

We linked to that interview (Auctioneer Billy Long is told, "I don't trust you") which has now been removed by the owner.

This is the video where Long told Marsh that not only would Long have to sell his auction business, but whoever buys it would have to remove his name from the business. Long also said that he would have to sell his third interest in the largest real estate firm in Springfield AND give up his broker's license:

“You have to sell your business. If you have a fiduciary business, you have to sell that, so I’ve gotta walk away from a business I built up for 30 years. Who’s gonna buy it without me there? Answer: Nobody. Whoever I sell it to has to take my name off of it. Now, what’s it worth? Absolutely nothing.

“I own a third interest in the largest real estate company in Springfield; I have to sell that. Do you want to buy a real estate company today? You know, they’re not worth anything, and I have to give up my real estate broker’s license.”
The financial disclosure forms Long filed with the FEC reflect a different accounting of Long's business dealings.

Marsh removed that video transcript since we posted it. I sent Marsh the following text message this afternoon:
What happened to your "Why should I trust Bill Long" video on Youtube? What he told you doesn't match what he put on his financial disclosure form. Tnx, Jim Lee
As of the posting of this piece, I have not received a reply.

Here's the video containing Billy's statements:

Another video of Billy Long is gone from Youtube. Matthew Block's video analysis of Duane Graham's encounter with Billy Long (Billy Long denies bribery charge)has been made private. If Matthew Block's name is familiar, it may be because he has announced he is running for State Representative-- not sure what district, but it looks like one in Christian County.

Here's Block's video analysis of Long talking to Duane Graham:

This video is still up:


Timeshare Jake said...

I wonder what threats are being made by the Congressman who obviously has something to hide.

Timeshare Jake said...

I sent the following e-mail to Josh Marsh and haven't received a reply:


I noticed your I don’t trust you interview with Billy Long was removed from YouTube. I am a little concerned about the timing of this removal considering Long’s financial reports were released a few days ago, and what is contained in the interview doesn’t add up with what Long promised your listeners. Long obviously hasn’t sold either business, and the 1/3 share in Murney Associates was never disclosed on either disclosure Long filed. Billy Long Inc. was transferred to his wife Barbara on 4/30, and Long’s Ag Adviser is pulling dual roles for Long running an Auction Business that still appears to be owned by Billy Long. Why should we trust Billy Long?

What was the reason KZRG removed the video, which had received the attention of Andrew Breitbart? Why did KZRG decide to pull the video after the financial disclosures were released?

Anonymous said...

Matt is running for the 142nd, replacing Rep. Ray Weter's seat.

- Crystal

Timeshare Jake said...

Matt is a good guy, but I am sure he got the team player talk which led to the video being removed. Republicans in this area compromise on principles too much and are ridiculed by people like Dr. Scott Magill if they don't get on board with the RINOS like Billy in the party. Of course Long has proven to be big government in a matter of a few short months.

I still have the e-mails he sent me announcing the video was live. Really, I thought Matthew's video was the most damning of the campaign to Billy.

I believe now Long has a motive for the things he has done which included the FBI intimidation. He was never going to sell his assets, and he needed to ensure no one was going to dig. Thanks to the Josh Marsh interview, Long himself brought it to the attention of many, including Andrew Breitbart's Big Government.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of people in the 142nd District better qualified than Matt to be our State Representative. He is too young, inexperienced, lazy and foolish for us to entrust this position to, period. He's also a smart-ass.

Anonymous said...

He is also a republican. So it's almost a done deal.

too bad

Anonymous said...

"People have got to know whether or not their congressman's a crook. Well..."

Anonymous said...

Matt will be a big improvement over Ray Weter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Greenwood School is asking they come down because they are embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

3:19, In what way(s) will Matt be a better Representative than Weter? You must have extremely low expectations and a total lack of understanding of what it takes to do the job effectively. Either that or you are a complete idiot. I'm betting on the later.

Anonymous said...

First off, before you go calling me an idiot, make sure you spell latter correctly. Weter's constituent services are lacking, and he really isn't engaged in public debate. That's an improvement Matt will bring to Ozark.

Anonymous said...

Get back on track! Block and Weter are merely harmless little bugs. The real problem is Billy Long. Why is their an effort to cover up his corruption?

Anonymous said...

Whoops, thank you for correcting me on later/ladder.

And, thank you for those powerful examples of Weter's lacking in constituent services???????????? Public debate??????? My friends in the Capitol tell me Weter has been one of the go-to legislators on issues about Missouri Medicaid, seniors and veterans services and every single school administrator in his district have had open dialogue about budgets and other education issues. His medical background has been recognized as a strength as he has used this knowledge on healthcare issues by the Missouri Hospital Association other medical related organizations including those representing the nurses, doctors and nursing home industry. I've lost count of the number of times Farm Bureau has awarded him the 'Friend of Agriculture' recognition. The leadership at MoDOT will tell you he has been a key person in the ongoing work to provide suggestions and to stay abreast of the work of MoDot to provide safe road and bridge infrastructure.

Mr. Weter is a perfect example of why term limits is a piss-poor policy. We loose institutional knowledge, respect earned by dedicated service to Missourians. But, we get the opportunity to send an unproven greenhorn to Jefferson City when that is exactly what we don't need.

Billy Long? Hopefully he will grow to be the dedicated and productive public servant Mr. Weter has been.

I know Weter casually. I pay attention to what a legislator does, not what they say.

Until you get with the program, the 'idiot' description seems to be appropriate.

Latter, Dude.

Big fish, small pond said...

Dude 10:25---

your hopes are too high.

Like many down here in SWMO, my expectations have been dashed by Congressman Long's antics and lack of gravitas.

He's a bully, a petty tyrant and bases his actions or non actions on one criteria: Is it good for Billy Long.

Sorry, I won't be voting for him again.

And as for Weter, he did ok, better than most reps from down here but it's a pretty small pond.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long is the joke that keeps on giving. Too bad he is in the U.S. House. Voters will get more of the same unless they get smart.

Billy Long is a symptom of the decay of our country. I Personally don't believe that I would hire him for any job.

Here is a little news scoop for busplunge:

I am working on a new reality tv show called "They Actually Won An Election". Just as soon as the contracts are signed- I'll be making Billy an offer for the pilot show. You heard it here first! I hope it will picked up by the ReRun Network and slotted after "America's Dumbest Criminals" and just before "Jackass". That would be the most watched time slot. It ought to get a lot of viewers because it will be the only new show on the ReRun schedule.

Anonymous said...

Not to get off the subject 10:25 but, imagine the Farm Bureau and the Hospitals awarding a Republican a plaque!!! Isn't THAT a no brainer? They buy those plaques by the hundreds to give to those narcissistic Republicans to puff them up some more to vote their way ----which they do anyway as long as the checks keep comin'. You know, dinner, speech, award....dinner, speech, award....

Do you know any Republicans that HAVEN'T gotten those awards? They have closets full for crying out loud.

Get real.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans take pages out of the Communists playbook daily.

Anonymous said...

OK...So who is going to run against him then?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Obama is pushing nationalized healthcare and you accuse Republicans of pulling from the Communist Manifesto? Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

10:04, It seems that several Democrats like Senator Tim Green are also recognized by organizations like the Missouri Hospital Association and Farm Bureau and has served in leadership of the Missouri Labor Council. These organizations know who is working at the job and the ones who simply show up. I'm glad they take the time to recognize and encourage a strong public service work ethic, both Democrats and Republicans.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is your problem? Billy Long is a great man. Far greater than you. You are jealous because he got to Washington.

The CDM said...

anon 10:30 - It's hard say something as stupid as what you just said knowing that most everything that Jim has posted here is part of public record and not a biased source. This ain't "gotcha" journalism, nimrod.

This same anon poster is an exact example from a comment I made on an earlier post. No matter how much you shove the local sheeple's nose into the truth about billy long, they'll still vote for him...and mostly because he has an (R) by his name and wears a cool costume to work.

Anonymous said...

Free Bozo not the tapes!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever witnessed a biased public record? MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Ralphie Maddow, Creep Olberman, Rush Limbaugh, Grin Beck, et. al. come to mind.

Timeshare Jake said...

@CDM, Billy Long was the first Republican that I didn't cast a vote for. Considering my upbringing in Republican dominated Southwest Missouri, there is hope that others will wake up, and they are.

Here's another example of a Southwest Missouri conservative figuring out Billy Long is a fraud.

Timeshare Jake said...

By the way, anyone want to bet one of Billy Long's over paid staffers left that comment?

Anonymous said...

According to Adam Smith, the mechanism by which he felt economic society operated is when, "each individual strives to become wealthy "intending only his own gain" but to this end he must exchange what he owns or produces with others who sufficiently value what he has to offer; in this way, by division of labour and a free market, public interest is advanced."

And that, Billy, is what you need to be able to understand, damnit!

Anonymous said...

Here is the read for the above comment:

p.s. R. Duane Graham should also take the time to understand this to reeduce his own dependence on a 'gimme-gimme-gimme' society.

Timeshare Jake said...

Jim, Billy is on Andrew Breitbart's radar. He is under attack once again today on Big Government over Pigford.

Anonymous said...

The camera adds 50 pounds. They have to be using a wide angle to fit that man in.