Monday, July 11, 2011

Is this why Billy Long walked away from questions about Eric Cantor's comments on Joplin Disaster Relief:

We all know that Billy Long voted for the Paul Ryan Bill which kills Medicare as we know it.

We all know that one of the first if not the first bill Billy Long sponsored was National Auctioneer's Day.

We all know that Long, the day AFTER he voted to make a $125 BILLION dollar settlement in a lawsuit most thought was frivolous, suddenly sponsored a bill to end frivolous lawsuit.

We all know that one of Billy's first acts as a congressman was voting against HCR, denying us healthcare reform while at the same time he chose to accept it for himself.

But what we didn't know was why Long was not vocal and sticking up for his constituents when Eric Cantor said no aid for Joplin.

Several bloggers questioned why Billy backed away and didn't stand up for his constituents.

While I was standing and watching Diane Sawyer live on ABC News’ evening broadcast from Joplin, I got a call from my brother, who informed me of Cantor’s comments. I confess I haven’t been following closely the national news, focusing rather on what has been happening in Joplin related to the tornado. So, I didn’t hear that Cantor had actually said what he said.

Across the street from St. John’s Medical Center, where ABC News was set up, was the site of a just-concluded press conference by the FEMA folks and local politicians—including our U.S. Congressman, Billy Long—updating progress on the post-tornado efforts. Naturally, I moved across the street and tried to find Mr. Long to ask him about Cantor’s ridiculous comments.

I found him.

Immediately—I could see it in his eyes—he recognized me as, I suppose, his local tormentor. I shook his hand and ask “Mr. Long” about Cantor’s comments, about what he thought about them, about whether we could expect federal money.

And instead of answering me, instead of telling me what he thought, he ignored me. He turned and walked away. My congressman, the man elected to represent me, simply walked away without a peep. Without a single bleeping word. Without answering whether the victims of this disaster in Joplin could expect federal help or whether they—meaning, really, President Obama and the Democrats—would have to fight the goddamn Republican leadership for it.

Now, we know why Billy walked away from the blogger's question: Eric Cantor's Every Republican is Crucial PAC (ERICPAC) gave $5,000.00 to Billy Long for his re-election.

Billy Long, you can take all the photos you want, you can ignore all those who question you and your votes but you can't run away from your record.

Congressman Billy Long paid a visit to the Volunteer Reception Center at Missouri Southern State University. He thanked AmeriCorps members for their hard work and posed for a picture with Shiela Smith, an AmeriCorps NCCC member. (Photo by Scott Julian, 2011)

Billy Long and his mendacity suck the spirit out of freedom loving Americans everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Billy took his new friend to the buffet after the photo op where they ate happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmMel Hancock has got to feel like Jimmy Carter. Now, he is no longer the worst Congressman to have served from Southwest Missouri.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what I have said. I have answered so many questions and I am so confused I don't know one thing from another. I am telling you just as nearly as I know."
Lizzie Andrew Borden

Anonymous said...

Free Bozo!

Anonymous said...

What are you idiots in Missouri 7 thinking?