Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going to Chicago For a McDonald's Commercial

Shortly after the 4th of July, while I was still down at the lake and on limited email access, I received the following email:

Hi Jim,
I saw a picture of your beautiful 1954 School Bus on the Stovebolt website and was wondering if you still have it.
I am working on a television commercial for McDonalds in the Chicago area this month and we are looking for a bus from that era. The commercial is a period piece and will be shot on July 27th at the original McDonalds in DesPlaines, IL.
If you still have the bus and think you might be interested in having in a commercial, please let me know.
I replied via my iPhone that it sounded interesting but I didn't feel like driving the bus all the way to Chicago and back.

I shared the email with my brothers and a couple of friends. They all encouraged me to do it. I was still ambivalent about the deal, I hadn't been feeling too good lately and I thought this was one of those deals that talked better than it was.

Then I got another email asking if I would be interested in driving the bus in the commercial and, if so, please send photographs of me. I did.

Then I got an email asking for clothing sizes and hat size.

I called the guy back up and during the course of the conversation he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So tomorrow, my grandsons Trey and Austin are heading to Chicago with me in the Suburban.

Yesterday (Saturday) my brother Tom came up with his flatbed, we re-wired the trailer, put a new fuel pump on the bus, bought a new battery for it, bled the brakes and loaded it on his trailer and hooked it up behind my Suburban.

Today, I detailed out the bus, it's cleaner than it ever has been since I owned it.

Here's what Bungalow Bill had to say about the trip--
The Bus is Headed to De Plaines
Just a mile or so from where I used to live in Chicagoland was the McDonald's museum. It was a classic style McDonald's missing Ronald because back in those days it was Speedy.

Well, it just so happens, Springfield's most famous bus is about to receive some fame in Europe. Busplunge blogger Jim Lee has negotiated a deal with Oak Park based McDonald's to drive the bus up to Des Plaines, Illinois, to the McDonald's museum to be featured in a new McDonald's commercial that will air in Europe.

Congratulations to Jim for this honor. The bus has been featured in numerous parades and political campaigns. Even Congressman Billy Long wanted to go for a bus ride at one time before he was elected.
The boys and I are planning on leaving at 4 am tomorrow morning. We will be tweeting and blogging and facebooking, so watch for us!

It's our great summer adventure, Part II. Ain't life grand!


Anonymous said...

There had BETTER be a way to see the finished product once it is filmed and such!

Mr. Tactful

longrooffan said...

Hell Yeah!! Have a blast and I look forward to the adventure.

Sara said...

Good luck Dad! Hope you and the boys have a safe and fun trip!

Timeshare Jake said...

Did Billy Long request the presence of an FBI agent when he asked to ride the bus of one of those "dangerous" bloggers.

Tishia said...

Hopefully the commercial ends up on YouTube so we Americans can see it! Congratulations on your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jim!!

We all love your bus and now it'll be really famous!!

Keep us posted!


Anonymous said...

Great Willard Scott! You are the next Ronald McDonald.

Tell them I mis the McRib in Springfield. Put it on the dollar menu.

Have a safe, fun trip. We'll keep an eye on Billy while you are gone.

The CDM said...

Don't forget to hit Ed DeBevic's and Gino's East while you are there. You won't regret it.

d5thouta5 said...

make sure you pull that Missouri license plate off the front before filming....what a memory trip you are creating for the boys...good job Jim...

Timeshare Jake said...

You would have to be out of town at the time Billy Long starts an international controversy with his smack talk. :)

As for Ed Debevics, the grandkids will probably like it, but just go for a shake or something. The food isn't that great for the price. I recommend an Italian beef at Portillo's.

Anonymous said...

Since McDonalds is paying the bill,I believe I would stick with the Golden Arches.

Anonymous said...

Bus, please update your bus-plunge.blogspot with a report on the road trip. Are the grandsons keeping you out of trouble?

Anonymous said...

Limited Internet access. On location hurry up and wait my feet hurt

Anonymous said...

"On location"
You're a movie star one day and already using the lingo.

Anonymous said...

I don't guess we will be able to read about the 'McDonalds Caper' in the Springburg Gazette. It has apparently gone belly up.

Another failure hosted by none other than Steve Helms. I wonder when the bankruptcy will be filed to remove more debt from his ability to mis-manage.

Anonymous said...

Are you still 'on location'?