Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Humor

I'm in a good humor frame of mind today!

When I cleaned out underneath the B's Nest last week, I hauled some old gutters and copper pipe to the scrap metal yard in the B's Nest truck. I made $88.45 for my efforts!

I missed the Studebakers.

I did see one long extended white Studebaker pick up on North Glenstone earlier this week as I was hauling a load of mulch to my sister's house up by Pleasant Hope. What a great name for a town, Pleasant Hope!

Austin and Trey were in an all day baseball tournament yesterday at Ewing park on South Scenic. I remember when that was the dump. This is Austin on deck. He plays third base and right field. The boys played three games yesterday.

This is Trey pitching. He also plays first and third. I enjoy watching my grandsons play baseball. I sit in my lawn chair with a big straw hat on and an umbrella to block the sun. Yesterday, after Trey hit the triple, my heart monitor went off. I don't know if the two events were connected.

When my son's father-in-law returned from St. Louis last night, he brought a case of White Castle hamburgers! He eight ate and I matched him!

Neat old garage photo for Longrooffan.

No photo, but last night as Sophie was heading home from playing in our backyard, she gave me her last kiss to me as a 3 year old because tomorrow she is going to be four. This morning, as I went over to visit, she met me at the door and gave me her first kiss as a 4 year old.

Like Ida May Fuller, the first Social Security recepient, I am eagerly awaiting my first check from the Social Security. It is supposed to arrive on July 15!

Ain't life grand


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely family and a lovely life Jim.

You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Saw the Studebakers at the fairgrounds on Friday. Neat old cars, including one just like Grandpa's. Another, like my wife drove when we met was for sale for 14,000 bucks. She sold hers for about 8-900 dollars 45 years ago.

Hamburgers? Love 'em. Had one of the best at Lucas Oil Speedway last Saturday night. Great family entertainment venue and big drafts of beer during happy hour for $2 between 5-7 p.m.